How to open a coffee shop?

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How to open a coffee shop? What’s the coffee roasting machine price?

Determine the type of the coffee shop

The business positioning is very important, and it determines the style of cafe shop such as design and decoration of inner side, menus and locations etc. You must carefully think of business direction before planning other details.

The hardware and software you need

1.Menu. Coffee, pastries and drinking etc.
2. Coffee roasting machine, coffee maker, oven, microwave oven, gas stove, smoothie machine, refrigerator, freezer, etc.
3. Design and decoration. Bar design, cafe style and color, tables and chairs.
The menu is the most basic, for it will decide which professional machines need to be purchased, and it will also influence the bar design in some degree. Generally,coffee roasting machine price is much more reasonable on the market.
The quality of coffee beans and the technology of making coffee are the keys to attracting customers.
Many people don’t even know how to make coffee before they open a shop. Before you open the store, you must spend more time tasting coffee from other places. In addition to training your own taste, you can also study the quality and taste of different coffee beans to finally find the coffee beans that the public likes. Besides, you have to be professional to operate related machines such as coffee roasting machine.
What’s more, you can read more coffee books, and it is best to listen to related lectures, because the threshold of cafe shop is not high. However, the competition is increasing. Only by improving coffee quality can you attract more customers.

Choice of cafe locations

Many people believe that the key to the success is the location. As long as you open a store in a good location, you will be successful. In fact, it is not totally right. There are different district such as office areas, commercial areas, cultural and educational areas, entertainment areas, residential areas and transportation areas, etc. You can observe the daily activities and flow of people in thees area, and analyze the success rate of opening a coffee shop.

Each district has different ways of entertainment, and the crowds gather are diverse at different times. If the coffee shop is in the office area, Monday to Friday should be your business hour. Conversely, if you open a store in an entertainment or shopping area, you need to open on Sunday.
Observe competitors’ business conditions
When choosing a location, you’d better spend at least a week observing the consumption patterns of locals, and record the number of daily purchases and estimated sales of these competitors.

How much is a cup of coffee?

Many people don’t know how to set prices. At first, you can look at how much your competitors sell, and then set your own prices. Don’t blindly use other people’s prices, because this approach is not advisable.
All in all, it will cost you much time and energy to open a coffee shop, and you need to prepare a lot to ensure that your shop can go smooth

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