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Coffee beans roaster
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The commercial coffee roaster machine is used to bake coffee beans that have been shelled and peeled, removing excess water from the coffee beans. The roasted coffee beans has an aroma, and the taste will be good after grinding into powder. The coffee bean roasting machine has two sensors that measure the temperature in the baking chamber and the temperature at the tuyere so as to adjust the baking temperature in the drum. In addition, the small-batch coffee roaster machine has four motors, which control the mixing, roller, cooling fan, and collection of coffee beans skin.

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Technical parameter of the commercial coffee bean roaster

ModelBatch capacityL*W*H(mm)Main motor(w)Exhaust power(w)Cooling power (w)Stir power(w)

What is the coffee bean roasting machine capacity?

According to the needs of different customers, we provide commercial and industrial coffee roasting machines with a variety of models and outputs. The output of small coffee roasters is 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 6kg, 10kg per batch. The output of coffee roasters in large industries is mainly 15kg, 30kg, 60kg per batch.

How to shell and peel the coffee beans?

Dry coffee beans sheller machine

Before the coffee beans are exported, the inner peel on the coffee beans is removed by grinding. Actually, it is more difficult to remove the inner skin of the coffee beans during wet processing. The coffee beans must have moderate moisture content when they are shelled, otherwise, they may break.

Coffee beans
Coffee Beans

Coffee beans peeling machine

The coffee peeling machine is to remove the skin of coffee beans, and then get clean coffee beans. The peeling rate can reach 95%, importantly, processed coffee beans can keep intact and the coffee beans and their skin can be discharged from different outlets. we have different kinds of coffee bean peeling machines, and the following is one of them.

Coffee peeling machine
Coffee Peeling Machine
Capacity100-200kg /h
Weight103 kg

What’s the structure of coffee roaster machine?

The coffee beans roaster machine has a reasonable structure.It mainly consists of green coffee beans funnel, coffee beans peel barrel, funnel gate switch, throttle switch (exhaust convulsions), cooling pan, main switch collector, Silver leather outlet,Gas pressure valve, Gas pressure gauge, heat removal barrel, controller panel.

Coffee beans roaster structure
Coffee Beans Roaster Structure
Coffee roaster machine details
Coffee Roaster Machine Details

How to operate coffee beans roaster?

  1. Install the coffee beans roaster and check whether the power connection is correct and turn on the gas.
  2. Prepare the coffee green beans and pour them into the coffee beans roaster.
  3. Turn on the power, the temperature controller and the timer indicator light up, click the baking switch (the light is on for the working state), and the baking chamber drum starts to rotate at the even speed. The cooling fan and cooling stirring are off (the indicator light is off).
  4. Turn on the gas, adjust the air pressure to 0.5-1Pa, then ignite and preheat the drum.
  5. When the temperature of the drum reaches 160-170 degrees centigrade, open the hopper switch, and the coffee beans enter the baking room. Adjust the air volume of the upper fan to meet the baking requirements of different baking stages. Adjust the smoke discharge and the collection of coffee beans peel at different stages by using the exhaust adjustment button.
  6. After baking for 5 minutes, you should check the color of the coffee beans high-temperature observation window or using the sampling spoon to take out the coffee beans in the baking room. At the same time, adjust the upper fan flow button according to the exhaust flow to control the smoke discharge and coffee beans peel. The temperature of the baking chamber can be controlled by the air volume of the upper fan.

What should be noted during the operation?

  1. When you see a lot of smoke, use the sampling spoon to detect the color of the coffee beans in order to master the best baking condition, achieving the best baking effect.
  2. When the baking meets the requirements, first press the cooling stirring switch and cooling fan switch, then open the baking room switch. Release the roasted coffee beans to the strong air cooling stirring plate for cooling. After cooling for 2-3 minutes, open the discharge switch. ( If continuous baking is required, you can continue to place coffee beans to the baking chamber to realize continuous production).
  3. After baking, wait until the temperature of the baking room drops below 70 degrees centigrade before turning off the coffee roaster machine.
  4. The coffee beans’ skin collection box and the dust collecting bucket should be cleaned according to the number of baking times so as not to block.
  5. During the operation, you should ensure the smooth flow of the exhaust and cooling air ducts to ensure the baking effect.
Coffee roaster stock
Coffee Roaster Stock

What are the features of commercial coffee roaster machine?

  • We have a coffee roaster machine with different models and capacities, and also can customize it according to your needs.
  • The coffee beans processed by Taizy coffee roaster bears a great aroma and good color, after grinding into powder and then make it into coffee, it will bring you great feelings.
  • This coffee beans roaster is widely applied to coffee shop and coffee processing industries and can bring high benefits.
  • The baking effect is very good, and its capacity is high.
  • It has an automatic control system, so the whole operation is convenient.
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