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Multi-functional Meat Dicing Machine

Multi-functional Meat Dicing Machine (9)
Multi-functional Meat Dicing Machine (9)

The dicing machine is mainly suitable for fresh meat cutting, quick-frozen meat processing plants and pickled food industry for processing all kinds of meat including pork, beef, duck, chicken and root vegetables into cubes. The whole machine is made of SUS 304 stainless steel, with beautiful appearance. It can process all kinds of raw meat, vegetables, and fruits, and has the versatile functions of cutting, slicing and dicing.

This dicing machine can cut fresh meat and semi-defrosted meat into chips and cubes of different sizes and shapes according to customers’ needs and production requirement. The cutting machine is designed and manufactured with advanced machinery with a reasonable structure. The machine can achieve the aim of cutting meat into “dice”, “julienne” and “slice” with a regular and neat appearance at a high working efficiency. The diameter of finished cubes can be adjusted within 5mm to 30mm. This meat cube cutting equipment is the ideal auxiliary device for fresh and frozen meat pre-processing.

Structure of cutting machine:

Dicing machine is mainly composed of a pedestal, shell, sharing plate, vertical knife, cutter unit, transverse cutting unit, transmission system and electrical control system. Meat dicing machine can be categorized into fish dicing machine and meat dicing machine, one-time shredded meat slicer, chicken and duck dicing machine, cooked meat slicer
meat dicingmeat dicing machine

Working principle of the meat dicing machine:

The high speed rotating raw material driven by the driver, under the centrifugal force, with the aid of a vertical knife, will be cut into slices, then be cut into chips through disc knife. Finally, through the transverse cutting blade, the raw materials are cut into cubes or cuboid the gaps between blades are less than o.1 mm.
meat dicing machinefresh meat

Characteristics of fresh meat cutting machine:

1. Adjust the cutting thickness knob to change the pushing speed of the meat putter to meet the requirements of different cutting thickness.

2. Adjust the pre-pressure knob to make the cutting effect consistent in the cutting process.

3. Adjust the meat putter to step motion to reduce the extrusion impacting on the product during cutting.

4. One of the sides of the cutting groove adopts movable side pressure unit to facilitate feeding and improve work efficiency.
fresh meat cutting machinemeat

Advantages of fresh meat cutting machine:

1. Modular tool combination facilitating disassemble.

2. Easy to operate, perfect design, adjustable knife speed, and automatic pre-compression system ensure the smooth edges and surfaces of meat cubs on six sides.

3. Fresh meat does not need to be frozen in advance to ensure the high cutting effect of the machine, which can meet the requirement of uniform cutting of raw meat in various states.

4. Large degree compression before cutting, with cutting speed of 50-120 times/min.

5. Compact machine structure saves space, machine parts can be easily disassembled, which facilitates the residue removing in the machining gap.

6. The machine made of SUS304 national standard stainless steel is composed of a cutting tool and stepping propulsion system. It is powerful and durable.

7. Propelling, transmission and cutting knife are working synchronically, walking system and cutting knife speed can be adjusted by stepless speed regulation.

8. The core parts of the machine, the drive system are of tightly sealed construction with the function of waterproof.

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