500kg/h Frozen Meat Dicer Machine Exported to Indonesia

Frozen meat dicer for indonesia
frozen meat dicer for Indonesia
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Explore our case story of a 500kg/h Frozen Meat Dicer Machine finding its place in a bustling Bandung meat processing facility. The client, envisioning an upgrade in sausage production, sought Taizy’s expertise. Our versatile Frozen Meat Dicer impressed with adaptability for both frozen and fresh meats, precision cutting, and high efficiency at 500kg/h. The TZ-350 model met specific needs, earning swift approval from the Indonesian artisan. Elevate your meat processing with Taizy’s cutting-edge solutions!

Commercial meat dicing machine for sale
commercial meat dicing machine for sale

The reason to buy a frozen meat dicer machine

In the bustling culinary hub of Bandung, Indonesia, a small-scale meat processing facility sought to elevate the quality of its sausages and smoked meats. The client, a meat artisan in Bandung, envisioned a shift in their sausage-making process. Wanting to replace minced meat with uniform meat cubes for enhanced texture, they set out to find a commercial meat dicer capable of handling frozen and fresh meats.

Cutting device of meat dicer machine
cutting device of meat dicer machine

How to get the frozen meat dicing machine from Taizy?

Upon discovering Taizy’s Frozen Meat Dicer Machine, the customer swiftly initiated contact, eager to delve into the details. Our team provided a comprehensive overview, addressing the machine’s versatile applications, operational intricacies, and maintenance protocols.

Understanding the client’s specific needs, we recommended the TZ-350 model, boasting a production capacity ranging from 300kg to 500kg per hour.

The customer, impressed by the machine’s capabilities and our transparent pricing, swiftly committed to pay the required deposit. The stage was set for the Frozen Meat Dicer Machine to embark on its journey to Bandung.

Dicer machine for frozen and fresh meat
dicer machine for frozen and fresh meat

Dicer machine parameters

Model: TZ-350
Power: 2.2+1.5kw
Size: 1500*700*1000mm
Weight: 500kg
Capacity: 300-500kg/h
Inlet size: 84*84*350mm
Cutting size: 5*5*5mm
Voltage: 380v, 50hz, 3 phase

Meat dicer machine features in Taizy

  • Adaptability: The Frozen Meat Dicer Machine, a versatile workhorse, excels in processing both frozen and fresh meats, ensuring the client’s flexibility in production.
  • Precision cutting: With adjustable cutting sizes, the machine guarantees uniform meat cubes, meeting the client’s exacting standards for sausage production.
  • High efficiency: The TZ-350 model, with a production capacity of 500kg/h, promises increased efficiency, aligning seamlessly with the client’s goal of elevating production output.

Client’s feedback

Early feedback from the client has been overwhelmingly positive. The Frozen Meat Dicer Machine has not only streamlined its production process but has also significantly improved the texture and consistency of its sausages. The client commended Taizy for not just delivering a machine but a solution that aligns perfectly with their evolving business needs.