Small scale potato chips machine

50~500kg per hour small scale potato chips machine
small scale potato chips machine
For small potato chip manufacturers, the small scale potato chips machine has high production output and low investment costs.
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The small-scale potato chips machine is suitable for potato chip production factories that initially invest in the potato chip business. As a food machine manufacturer, Taizy provides a variety of small-scale potato chip lines in Turkey. The output of the entire production line ranges from 50 to 500kg/h. If you need a larger production line, then we can also customize it for you.

Considering the floor space of the factory and the different needs of customers, there are no fixed machines for the potato chips production line. Therefore, we will configure the proper line on the basis of your situation. Now, I will introduce semi-automatic fried potato chips machine and its capacity is 100kg/h. This line is the best choice for people who wants to save cost.

100kg/h small scale potato chips machine parameters

Potato washing and peeling machinePower:1.1kw 380V-3 or 220V-3





Potato chips cutting machinePower:1.1kw  380v-3 or 220v-3





Chips blanching machinePower:24kw 380V-3 or 220V-3





Chips dehydrator machinePower:1.1kw 380V-3 or 220V-3





Potato chips frying machinePower:24kw 380V-3 or 220V-3





De-oiling machinePower:1.1kw 380V-3 or 220V-3





Chips seasoning machinePower:1.1kw 380V-3 or 220V-3





Chips and fries packaging machinePower:1.5kw 380V-3 or 220V-3





Semi-automatic potato chips machines introduction

1. Washing and peeling machine

Brush-type cleaning and peeling machine can be used to accomplish the potato chips’ cleaning and peeling work simultaneously. It has high efficiency and low damage rate, and the special design of the brush is able to fully clean potatoes, and then peel them thoroughly. The loss rate after peeling is less than 2%, and there is no broken potato. Potato cleaning and peeling machine are also suitable for other vegetables and fruits such as beet, radish, sweet potato, carrot, etc.

Potato peeler machine
potato peeler machine

2. Potato slicer machine

The potato slicer machine is to cut the peeled potato into thin pieces, and the thickness can not be adjusted, that is, 2mm. The shape of pieces is divided into two types including a flat one and a wavy one, which is achieved by changing the blades inside the machine. There are big inlets and small inlets, and you should place the raw material into a proper inlet according to their size.

Potato slicer machine
potato slicer machine

3. Blanching machine

The blanching machine can remove the excess starch from the surface of the potato slicer so as to produce crisp and tender potato chips. The heating temperature is around 90-100℃ in the small-scale potato chips machine.

Blanching machine
blanching machine

4. Dewatering machine

It adopts the principle of centrifugal force, which is safe, convenient, and efficient. Dehydration before frying can prevent a splash of hot oil when frying, and greatly shorten the frying time, improving the taste of potato chips.

Chips dehydrator machine
chips dehydrator machine

5. Chips frying machine

It is the essential step to get crisp potato chips, and the frying temperature is around 170℃, and the frying time is about 3-4minutes. There is no black-smoke emission from the boiled oil during operation, an accurate oil temperature controlling system ensures the quality and taste of finished potato chips and fries. After processing, the sewage water can be discharged through the sewage outlet at bottom of the fryer.

Potato chips frying machine
potato chips frying machine

6. De-oiling machine

The centrifugal de-oiling machine can remove extra oil content from the fried potato chips to avoid a greasy taste and to enhance the texture of potato chips. This machine is as same as the water-removing machine, so you can just buy one if your budget is not high.

Chips de-oiling machine
chips de-oiling machine

7. Seasoning machine

After de-oiling, potato chips or fries are convoyed for seasoning and flavoring, and you can add different seasonings in accordance with your need. With a simple and practical structure design, the octagonal barrel is made of stainless steel to flavor fried chips thoroughly and evenly. It has an automatic discharging function, and also can be applied to seasoning puff food, cold dishes, etc.

Potato chips flavoring machine
potato chips flavoring machine

8. Potato chips packaging machine

The last step is to use a packaging machine to pack potato chips. For initial investment or small potato chip factories, the vacuum packaging machine is the most suitable machine. It has multiple functions and low investment costs. For packaging potato chips, the machine can flush nitrogen into the packaging bag to ensure long-term storage of potato chips.

Potato chips packaging machine
potato chips packaging machine

Why choose us if you want to buy the potato chips machine?

  1. We provide customers with solid potato chips/ fries solutions to start your own potato chips business smoothly and successfully.
  2. The French fries/potato chips production line, using the domestic experience as a reference, has simplified the manufacturing process and bears great performance.
  3. In addition, we refer the customer feedback as the basic rule of equipment design and development. The machine we design meet the requirements of customers.
  4. Fried chip’s processing line can save labor, improve work efficiency, and make a high profit for customers.
  5. Our potato chips production line is characterized by high-end manufacturing technology based on research and development and supported by professional personnel, so we are your best choice.

Application of small-scale potato chips machine

Therefore, the French fries processing line is widely utilized in potato and other round root veggies, for instance, carrots, onions, beets, sweet potatoes, etc., and was highly praised by customers running factories, and fresh fruit and vegetable retailers.

Potato products
Potato Products

The FAQ of the fried potato chips production line

  1. Can you design the production line according to the size of my factory?

Yes, of course, potato chip production line with different capacities needs different machines, and you must tell us the size of your factory before purchase.

  1. Can I buy a fried chips processing machine if my budget is not high?

Yes, you can buy a semi-automatic line to save costs. In addition, the dewatering machine and the deoiling machine can be the same, so it is ok to buy one.

  1. What is the thickness of the final fried potato chips?

Its thickness is around 0.5-1mm.

  1. Can you give me the recipe for seasoning?

Yes, of course, we will provide you it if you place the order.

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