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Press type slicer machine for banana, cucumber, carrot

The press type banana slicer can be used to cut root vegetables and various fruits, such as potatoes, carrots, white radishes, green radishes, sweet potatoes, lotus roots, apples, pears, etc. It is mainly suitable for medium-sized, long or cylindrical raw materials. The working principle is to use the raw material to touch with the sharp blade when the blade rotates continuously, they are cut into pieces according to a certain ratio by external force. The final slice is thin and even, and the thickness is adjustable, which is 2-6mm.

banana slicer
banana slicer

Operation video

Technical parameter of banana slicer


Advantage of banana slicer

  1. The cut piece is thin, even, smooth and
  2. The thickness of the slice can be adjusted as
  3. The angle of the rotary cutter can be replaced.
  4. Compared with other type of banana slicer, this one is able to cut a banana with good shape.
  5. Banana slicer is made of stainless steel that complies with the national hygiene standard.
  6. The application is wide, and it can be used to cut various fruits and vegetables, being considered as a useful tool in the daily life.
  7. The cutting surface is fresh, and the fibrous tissue of the fruit and vegetable is not damaged.
carrot slicer machine
carrot slicer machine

How to maintain cucumber slicer?

  1. Maintenance work of cucumber slicer must be carried out with the power off
  2. Washin time after each use and ensure that there is no residue of ingredients or other materials.
  3. Do not put stone or metallic substances when cutting vegetables to prevent the knife from cracking.
  4. After using for a period of time, check if the screws in each part are loose. If yes, tighten the screws; if the screws appear slippery, replace them with new ones.
  5. When there are abnormal operation and noise, stop and check immediately.
  6. When not using the banana slicer for a long time, please place it in a dry and ventilated place.
four different inlets
four different inlets

Precautions of cucumber slicer

  1. Larger materials can be processed to meet the size of the inlet before being sliced.
  2. When slicing the raw material with small size, you shall use hand to press.
  3. If the raw material has high viscosity, you can add properly water to prevent it from falling.
  4. Open the front door of banana slicer before working, and turn the turntable by hand to see if there is any phenomenon of bumping the tool. If yes, loosen the tightening bolt and move the turn slightly outward to tighten the bolt.
  5. Start the button andthe rotation direction from inlet should be counterclockwise. Otherwise, adjust the power cord.
  6.  Observe whether the specifications and requirements of vegetables are consistent with machine before work if not, you can adjust the height of the blade and the turntable.
  7. The thickness of the slice is determined by the gap between the blade and the turntable.

Successful case of banana slicer

Matt runs a big restaurant in Thailand, selling the various stunning dishes, so he really needs a slicer to slice different vegetables that can attract customers. He ordered 2 sets from our company last month, and he has already received them and says that the machine goes smoothly.


1.What’s the raw material?

The raw material can be various fruits and vegetables such as carrot, banana, sweet potato, potato etc.

2.Can the thickness of slice be adjusted?

Yes, it can be achieved by changing the gap between the blade and turntable.

3.What’s the range of thickness?



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