UV sterilizer machine for food industry

Uv food sterilizer machine
UV food sterilizer machine
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In food production, in order to improve the quality of the food and increase shelf life. It is usually necessary to sterilize the food. The UV sterilizer machine is a tunnel sterilizer, which can sterilize food in all directions. And the sterilization effect is very high, which can reach 99%.

Sterilization principle of UV food sterilizer machine

The UV sterilizer irradiates the object through the ultraviolet lamp tube. And the ultraviolet rays penetrate the cell membrane and cell nucleus of the organism, destroy the nucleic acid molecular bond. It makes it lose its replication ability or lose its activity and die, thereby achieving the effect of sterilization.

When using an ultraviolet sterilizer to sterilize, you only need to place the sterilized food on the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt transports the food into the sterilization area automatically. The ultraviolet lamps in the sterilizer are distributed around the conveyor belt. The ultraviolet light emitted by the ultraviolet lamp is taken to sterilize the food. The length of the sterilization time can be adjusted by controlling the speed of the conveyor belt.

Commercial uv food sterilization machine
Commercial Uv Food Sterilization Machine

Is UV sterilized food safe?

Ultraviolet rays use a certain nanometer wavelength to destroy the nucleic acid of bacteria and viruses, making bacteria unable to reproduce. Moreover, the penetration of ultraviolet rays is weak, and it is only suitable for sterilizing the surface of objects, water, or air. Ultraviolet rays will not damage the taste and nutrients of food, and will not produce carcinogens. Therefore, the food sterilized by the ultraviolet sterilizer is safe and edible.

Application of UV food sterilizer machine

  1. Disinfection of food processing equipment. For food equipment, microorganisms always stay on the surface of the equipment. Therefore, the use of ultraviolet sterilizers can sterilize the equipment well;
  2. For the pretreatment of food processing water. In food processing, it is necessary to process water before production to reduce the number of introduced microorganisms.
  3. Fruit juice sterilization. The heat sterilization will change the flavor of the juice. Therefore, non-heating ultraviolet sterilization is the most important sterilization method.



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