Which countries have we exported for the UV sterilizer

Uv sterilizer
UV sterilizer
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The ultraviolet sterilization machine(UV sterilizer) uses a special ultraviolet sterilization lamp, which can sterilize objects or air to achieve the purpose of sterilization or extend the shelf life of food. Therefore, UV sterilizer is welcomed by many food factories. Recently, we have delivered several ultraviolet sterilization machines. Below are some success cases.

Uv sterilizer
Uv Sterilizer

Case one: Guatemala

On April 21st, the customer sends us an inquiry for the UV sterilizer to our company. After a short of negotiating with him, we know that his raw material is the masks. Later, we quote him 2m and 5m length machine. Finally, he chooses the 2m length machine for the first time. We made the proforma invoice for him after confirming all details. At about the beginning of May, he pays the full payment, and then we packed and delivered the machine.

Ultraviolet sterilization machine package
Ultraviolet Sterilization Machine Package

Case two: Nigeria

Last November, the customer who manages the agriculture machines needs the UV sterilizer to process the herbs and spices. He asks for the machine quotation with sea freight and air freight after knowing the machine details. We quote him the two shipping way freight for him to choose. He chooses the sea shipping way finally, and he decided to pay pass through one week after calculating the exchange rate of Naira. His local voltage is 230v 50hz, single phase, we produce the machine for him. Before delivery, we took pictures and videoes for him to check. He is very satisfied with our service.

Uv sterilizer delivery picture
Uv Sterilizer Delivery Picture


On March 9th, the customer sends us the UV sterilizer machine inquiry to ask the machine price directly. We asked his raw material and knows that his raw material is Saffron.He needs 7 sets of UV sterilizers and he needs the machine for the United Nations. After getting the 7 sets sterilizer quotation, he also asked whether have any spare parts for the machine. Our sales manager answered him is the lamps. He added extra 16 pcs lamps, and submit the quotation to his customer.

Later, he says that his customer is evaluating this project, and at the same time, he collected several quotations for comparison. After knowing that, we updated the quotation and gave him some discounts. And we provided a detailed catalog of this machine, as well as machine certification and test reports. In the end, we passed his client’s assessment. After the client passed Ramadan, he paid us a deposit. Now the machine is in production and it is expected to be delivered next month.

Ultraviolet sterilization machine package
Ultraviolet Sterilization Machine Package



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