Chicken claw skin peeling machine / production line

Chicken claw skin peeling production line (20)
Chicken claw skin peeling production line (20)

Brief introduction

1. Chicken claw skin peeling production line includes chicken claw peeling machine, chicken claw blanching machine, and it has convenient operation and high output.

2. This equipment also can clean chicken claw and nails without damaging the chicken itself.

3. Chicken claw peeling machine is also known as claw yellow skin removing machine. Our company has designed and developed several different types according to the needs of customers and the markets.

4. As the leading manufacturer of chicken claw peeling machine in China, our company wins many trusts from customers due to good reputation and excellent quality assurance.

5. Advanced technology enables us to accumulate a large amount of good feedback from buyers.We believe that these valuable experiences are the root cause of success. We will continue to work hard and strive to become a giant in this field.

Chicken peeling machine
Chicken Peeling Machine
Chicken claw
Chicken Claw


Chicken claw blanching machine:

1. The equipment includes automatic turning part, automatic temperature control part, overflow part, heating part, cleaning part and hot water storage part.

2. The odor of raw material can be removed after stewing, and the internal structure of the material is tightened so that the original fragrance is not easily lost.

3. This production line adopts variable frequency and conveying speed is stable for the purpose of automatic and continuous operation.

4. It can be adjusted at any time. The conveying net is made of high-quality stainless steel with a firm structure and can afford heavy material, which greatly improves working efficiency.

Structure of the chicken claw peeling machine :

1. It is composed of a cylinder body, a rotating plate, an automatic discharge port, a claw skin outlet, a motor, and an air pump.

2. The machine has small size and high capacity, saving time and energy, and can be automated with such parts as hoist that can achieve real automation

Chicken peeling machine
Chicken Peeling Machine
Chicken claw
Chicken Claw

Working principle of chicken claw peeling machine

1. The machine drives the disk to rotate through the reducer so that the chicken claws spiral in the cylinder

2. It is to use friction to remove the skin of chicken claws. There is a rotating turntable under the barrel, and inner wall of turntable and barrel has a peeling rod. The disk drives the chicken claws to rotate that can be finished in 3-4 minutes.


It can be widely used in farms, food industries, and slaughterhouses.

Chicken claw skin peeling production line 21 2Chicken claw skin peeling production line 23 2

Safe operation procedures for chicken claw peeling production line:

1. Carefully check whether the screw in the rotating part rotates or leaks before running. If there is any rotation or oil leakage, please notify the mechanic.

2. During the operation, your head should be away from the upper mouth to prevent the hard objects from flying out.

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