Meat duck breast brine injecting machine

Industrial brine injection machine
industrial brine injection machine
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Overview of fully automatic meat brine injecting machine:

Duck breast meat brine injection machine, is widely applied in beef, pork, duck breast, roast meat, ham and other food processing industries. Brine injection machine is to inject salt water, starch, soybean protein, and other auxiliary materials into the meat to pickle it adequately. Supported by advanced technology of the seasoning injecting machine, meat is marinated by needle injection, thus shortening the curing time, making brine or salt water uniformly distributed in automatically to achieve rapid curing, seasonings adding, then achieve the purpose of keeping meat nutritious, fresh. The machine is an ideal equipment for meat processing because of its rigorous design, reasonable structure and simple operation.

Brine injecting machine
Brine Injecting Machine

Brine injecting machine features:

1.The injection pressure, injection rate, step distance and speed of the fully automatic salt brine injecting machine can be arbitrarily adjusted according to the size of the target material and the tissue structure of the raw material t to achieve the desired injection effect.
2.Main power transmission adopts worm gear reducer to ensure stable and reliable transmission and long service life. The salt water injection machine is equipped with automatic protection device.
3.When the injection needle encounters a hard object, the injection needle will be lifted to avoid damage. In order to remove meat remaining in the injector thoroughly, the upper part of the water tank is equipped with a filter, which can small meat out of the injection, effectively ensure that the injection is not blocked.
4.The transmission chain is disassemble and easy to clean and maintain.
5.The whole salt water injection machine and the salt water pump system are made of quality 304 stainless steel. The injecting machine caters to the international standard on food hygiene.
6.Salt soluble protein facilitate slicing, and improve the adhesion and quality of products.

Meat saline injection machine
Meat Saline Injection Machine

Brine injecting machine operation method:

1.The pork inject machine adopt the double cylinder as power unit, compressed air as power source. The movement of up and down, back and forward are achieved by pneumatic conveyor belt, when the injector group rise to the top of the machine, touch the proximity switch, slide switch conveyor belt cylinder starts driving belt moved forward, when conveying cylinder piston rod rise to a certain height, touches the reversing switch of solenoid valve pushing the cylinder carrying needles down. When the needle is inserted into the meat for injection, then except the syringe pump, both injectors and the conveyor belt are in a delayed state.
2.Through the time relay, set injection time (delay time setting can be in accordance with the production requirements of different raw materials and injection volume). Generally, the delay in 5-6 seconds, the injection rate can be up to 25-36%, delay time is adjustable between 3 to 15 seconds. When the delay time reaches, electromagnetic valve, needle holder cylinder will reset so the needles rebound from meat.
3.As the conveyor belt moves forward, the injected meat shall be sent to the front container through the conveyor belt, back and forth.
4.The liquid supply system adopts the method of medium pressure and large feed liquid supply pump. To facilitate cleaning, the machine adopts the individual structure of main engine separated from water tank.

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Brine injecting machine main parameter:





2.35 2.35 4.8 5.2 ——
Variable frequency 2.6 2.6 4.5 4.5 8.2
Step distance


80 80 80 80 120
Variable frequency Variable frequency 32-48 32-48 32-48 32-48 32-48
Variable frequency 15-50 15-50 15-50 15-50 15-50
Dimension (mm) 1380*660*1730 1620*770*1730
weight (kg) 260 260 300 400 420