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Pizza maker machine

pizza maker machine11
pizza maker machine11

Brief introduction of pizza maker machine

Pizza is an Italian-style food made from special sauces and fillings, and it has surpassed the language and cultural barriers and become a global snack, that’s why it is favored by consumers all over the world. The pizza making machine made by Taizy is also called the egg cone pizza maker machine, the hand-picked pizza maker machine, and the sweet cone pizza maker machine. Our machine can quickly make a torch pizza with cheap price and delicious taste.

Working principle of pizza maker machine

1.Dough maker:put some yeast into warm milk (put more if you want to speed the ferment ).
2.Then put them into dough maker and add softer dough to mix. When stir evenly, add some wheat flour to continue to stir.You can add some cream if you like the taste of milk.
3.Dough cutter :cut finished dough into smaller one
4.Drum-type pizza shaping machine:SLPC-4 belongs to commercial canister pizza machine, and it specially produces hand-holding pizza (it is also called Egg cone pizza , ice-cream cone pizza). Users put dough into machine, and mold drops down to shape it. Four pizzas can be finished at one time.
5..Roaster box: put some sauce into Egg drum and roast it in the box.


Picture show Item &Description
pizza-maker-machine33 Dough mixer


Capacity: 20L

Rate Power: 1.5kw Voltage:220V,50HZ



pizza-maker-machine34 Dough Cutter machine



Dough setup range: 30-120g




pizza-maker-machine10 New design Pizza cone forming machine



Cone qty: 4pcs/set

Rate Power:2.8kw



pizza-maker-machine35 Pizza cone Oven



Rate Power:2 kw



pizza-maker-machine36 Cone display shelf

The value of pizza maker machine

In fact, the homogenization in the pizza market is very serious now and most of them sells pizza and drinks. There is no attraction for customers to enter store. In addition,pizza is expensive and not suitable for single consumption.
The pizza made by Taizy is cheap and in line with our public consumption level, and there are many tastes you can choose.
The appearance of the torch pizza breaks the traditional mode,and it is small,exquisite and delicious.


Advantage of pizza maker machine

1.Advanced technology: introduce advanced technology and craft from Italy
2.Safety in production :Controlling all processes visa button .
3. Flexible production : The temperature is adjustable, and you can adjust the temperature of ice-cream cone according to different recipes
4.Indication reminder :It has auto-alarm inside machine.
5. Emergency switch:as long as you press it , the machine will stop working.
6.Convenient: put on machine and make a type of taste you like, and you can eat delicious pizza within several minutes .


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