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Sausage filler09
Sausage filler09

Hydraulic sausage filling machine is a necessary equipment for processing sausage and sausage-shaped products, which can be used for filling sausage products of large, medium and small specifications. It is suitable for filling animal casings, protein casings and plastic casings, especially for stuffing material of less moisture content stuffing. The hydraulic sausage filler is doing excellent in filling regular sausage, red sausage, Chinese sausage or sausage stuffed with meat pieces, meat particles, meat slices or vegetables. The filled sausages are of perfect appearance without any lump, and the original meat color remains as good as it was.

Characteristics of the hydraulic sausage filler:

1. The hydraulic sausage filler is of 304 stainless steel construction, equipped with U-shaped funnel.

2. The piston-type hydraulic driver is adopted to adjust the working pressure. Under the action of the hydraulic cylinder, the material in the cylinder will be extruded out under the downward pressure.

3. The sausage filling equipment is characterized by its smooth appearance, reasonable structure, beautiful shape, stable performance, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

4. Sausage filling machines of different models and specifications with one or two filling pipes are customized according to customers’ requirements on output. Valves are mounted on the filling pipe with automatic induction control. Three types of filling pipes with diameters ranging from 12-18mm are provided.

5. Air cushion of cylinder is sealed tightly. Waterproof electrical system is adopted. Both-side wielding giving the smooth appearance of the sausage filler. The upper part is provided with a storage hopper and a disc valve to realize continuous filling without lifting the cover.

Advantages of the hydraulic sausage filler:

1. This machine has exquisite appearance, excellent workmanship, convenient operation, safe and reliable use. The hopper, valve, sausage stuffing tube and the outer parts of the sausage filling machine are all made of high quality SUS304 stainless steel, meeting the requirements of international standard on food hygiene.

2. This equipment is a new generation of sausage filling equipment developed and manufactured by Taizy, which adopts pneumatic electronic control sysytem. It is small in size, light in weight, compact in structure and easy to use.

3. Natural casing, collagen and casing for smoked sausage can be used for continuous automatic quantitative filling and kinking, with simple operation, accurate quantification and high efficiency, making it a good replacement product for manual stuffing.

4. Easy to operate. High efficiency and easy cleaning.

Structure of the hydraulic sausage filler:

Hydraulic sausage filler is mainly composed of a frame, feeding hopper, fuel tank, hydraulic operating system and electrical system. The reciprocating suction and extrusion motion of the piston is controlled by operating the manual rotary valve so as to achieve the purpose of continuous filling.

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