Smoking Chamber/smokehouse

Smoking chamber smokehouse4
Smoking Chamber smokehouse4
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Product description of the Smoking Chamber/smokehouse:

    The stainless steel meat smoking/stainless steel Smoking Chamber/smokehouse is the essential equipment in meat production including, smoked ham, Chinese sausage, grilled meat and a variety of fish products and so on.
    The stainless steel smokehouse/smoker is simple in structure, convenient and reliable in operation. The commercial stainless steel smokehouse is designed suitable for smoking process sausage, smoked ham, Chinese sausage, bacon, smoked meat, roast and smoked chicken, smoked fish, roast duck and poultry, aquatic products and other smoked products.
    After the smoked food turned lustering and tempting, the sweet and joyful fragrance the smoked meat will be brought to us without greasy taste. Also environmental protection effect can be achieved. The smoky furnace is the ideal replacement of the traditional smoker furnace, relieving the labor for the workers with work efficiency improved and the taste of food and elasticity in texture enhanced. 
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Structure of the Smoking Chamber/smokehouse/smoked hum oven:

    The Smoking Chamber/smokehouse is mainly composed of smoking chamber, electric heating system, air circulating system, smoke generating system and electric control system.
1. Furnace body: all internal components and external shell of the Smoking Chamber/smokehouse are made of 304 stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant. The smoking and cooking processes are all carried out in the main smoking chamber. The upper part of the Smoking Chamber/smokehouse/smoked hum oven is equipped with an electric control fan, and the motor is equipped with a high speed and low speed modes, so that the heat of the coil heater and the low-pressure steam are forced to circulate in the furnace, and the distribution of smoke and temperature in the furnace are controlled evenly. The furnace is equipped with a temperature sensor for automatic detection of the state of smoking, cooking, drying and smoking temperature. Hang products in the smoked hum oven, close the smoked hum oven’s door, and then set parameters for cooking according to production requirement.
2. Baking oven: this Smoking Chamber/smokehouse/smoked hum oven adopts electric heating method to directly heat up the products. Direct heating is carried out by adjusting the buttons on the control cabinet.

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3. Circulating air system: electric circulating fan is installed on the top of the oven, high power and large air volume ensure evenly heating inside the oven, make the temperature uniform, and ensure the stable and reliable quality of final smoked products.
4. Smoke generation system: smoke generation device is comprised of three layers. The upper motor drive system generates the vertical shaft. An agitator is mounted on the top of the vertical shaft. The wood chips stored in the upper layer are sent to the plate in the middle layer under the action of the agitator. After the plate is powered on, hit the button to start smoke, then sawdust is slowly burning and smoking under heat. Through the fan, the smoke pipe conveys smoke in to smoked hum oven. Smoke volume and air volume can be adjusted by butterfly valve.

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Advantages of the Smoking Chamber/smokehouse/smoked hum oven:

1. The Smoking Chamber/smokehouse/smoked hum oven is customizable meeting customers’ requirements.
2. The commercial large-volume multifunctional Smoking Chamber/smokehouse/smoked hum oven, who is the integrated automatic smoked food furnace of drying, smoked, coloring. The smoked meat the smoking chamber produced is of good color and good-looking, smoky aroma, taking on sweetness without greasy taste.
3 The Smoking Chamber/smokehouse/smoked hum oven is mainly used for smoked meat production, fish products.