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Many Americans now like to go to the coffee shop. On the one hand, the taste of coffee can relax oneself, on the other hand, coffee can give themselves more inspiration at work. So coffee roasting machine in United State is very well welcomed.

Benefits of drinking coffee

Drinking coffee can actually bring you many benefits. It can relax the body, promote metabolism, eliminate fatigue, prevent gallstones and so on. In the 1960s, drinking coffee in coffee shops became a culture among Americans. The number of coffee shops developed rapidly at that time, and the manufacturers of coffee roasting machine in United State is growing.

How to choose good coffee beans?

1. Use fresh coffee beans. When buying, pay attention to whether the color and particle size of the coffee beans are consistent. Good coffee beans have a bright and shiny appearance with strong aroma.

2. No matter what kind of coffee beans, freshness is an important factor affecting quality. When buying, grab one or two coffee beans and chew them in your mouth. It should be crisp and clear (indicating that the coffee is not wet). Squeeze with your hands to make sure you are not buying the outer shell of the coffee beans. If the coffee bean has lost its aroma and smells strange, it means that the coffee bean is no longer fresh.

3. The purity of coffee beans is also another consideration. If an expert choose coffee, they not only check the size of the coffee beans, but also grab a handful of coffee beans (Regional Coffee), observing whether the color them is consistent. By doing so, you won’t buy inferior products in disguise. But if it is Blended Coffee, it is normal for the size and color to be different.

In addition, when working with a coffee roaster, if the temperature is too high, the coffee beans will produce oil. Under this case, the aroma of coffee beans will decrease, and astringency and sourness will appear. In short, when buying coffee, you should pay attention to its freshness, aroma, color and purity.

When is the best time to drink coffee?

Freshly roasted coffee beans are not suitable for immediate consumption. Generally speaking, the best drinking period of coffee is in one week after roasting,at which time the coffee beans are the freshest and the aroma taste is the best.



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