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Vegetable and fruit dicing machine / tomato dicer machine

Dicing cutting machine (2)
Dicing cutting machine (2)

Dicing machine is applicable to quick-frozen vegetables, pickled food and root vegetables processing line, cutting them into cube or cuboid dices. It is mainly comprised of a pedestal, enclosure, cutting plate with vertical knife and chipping knife, transverse cutting edge, the horizontal cutting knife, the transmission system, and the electrical control system. Dicing machine is suitable for vegetables and fruits such as potato, carrot, onion, mushroom, pepper, apple, hum, and other variety of root vegetables, so it is the ideal and indispensable cutting equipment in the vegetable processing industry. The dicing size and thickness are adjustable. This machine widely applies to food processing factory, catering industry, dining hall, and vegetable distribution center, etc.

Vegetable and fruit dicing machine


The advantage of dicing machine

  1. Versatility, one dicing machine can cut a variety of root vegetables into dices or chips.
  2. Regular size, clean and net cutting surface makes the perfect finished product
  3. ease of operation; high efficiency; optimized hygienic design including machine enclosure,
  4. Cutting knife all are made of 304 stainless steel and bears long service life and low maintenance cost.
  5. Dicing thickness is adjustable.

The working principle of dicing machine

  1. The rotary cutting table of this tomato dicer drives raw materials to rotate at a high speed.
  2. With the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed spinning, the vegetable dicing machine cuts root vegetables or fruits into pieces by the vertical knife, and then cuts slices into strips by disc cutting knives.
  3. The sliced or chipped materials are sent to the transverse cutting edge so as to be cut into required shapes, for instance, cube or cuboid.
  4. The thickness of chipped or dicing sizes can be changed by adjusting the clearance between the cutting blade and rotary plate, while the shape of cut material is changed by altering the disc cutters and the transverse cutters.


Vegetable and fruit dicing machine
Vegetable and fruit dicing machine

How to change the cutter of potato cutter/dicer

1. First, loosen the pilot wheel, push down the handle, so that the blade group for slicing is released from the comb. Then loosen the shaft end nut, hook the front end groove of the tool with the hook sleeve, remove the blade group, and replace the cutter with the blade group of sizes required. 2. Tighten the shaft end nut, and move up the handle to observe whether the transmission gear is clutching with appropriate inside the machine or not. 3. If the transmission gears are clutched well, the handle will be close to the controller, then insert the disc blade of groove of electric potato cutter into the comb. 4. When there is no frictionless between slicer, blades and comb potato and no clamping stagnation, then fix the handwheel, thus the replacement of the blade of vegetable dicing machine is accomplished.

The preoccupation of dicing machine

  1. The material to be cut should be washed,if itis mixed with sand and mud, the blade edge and the blade are easily damaged and blunt them. The maximum cutting diameter should not exceed 80mm. If it is larger than this diameter, it should be cut into small pieces.
  2. Cut the raw material into the required thickness under the force of the dial, then cut into strips by the disc cutter, and finally cut into squares by the cross cutter.
  3. Adjustment of the dicing machine specification: replacing the disc cutter and the cross cutter.
  4. Adjustment of slice thickness: slice thickness can be adjusted to the required thickness by adjusting plate. First, loosen the fixing bolt of the housing adjustment plate, lift the adjustment plate rotation lever to the required position, then lower the adjustment plate and tighten the fixing bolt make it fixed.

The malfunction and related solutions of dicing machine

The transverse cutting lengthThe number of blades
5mm15 pieces
10mm8 pieces


The machine is inefficient.V-belt is too loose, slipping when workingTighten the V-belt
The raw material does not fall into the machine.1. The distance between the comb knife-edge and spacer ring is too wide.

2. The slice thickness is too thick.

1. Re-adjust the comb position so that the comb is close to the surface of the spacer ring.


2. Adjust the slice thickness so that the slice thickness is consistent with the position of the comb.


The raw material can not be fully cut.1. The direction of rotation of the tray is inconsistent with the specified direction.

2. The comb is clogged.

3. Disc shred combination tool is loosened during operation.

4 The vertical knife is blocked by the raw material.

1. Turn clockwise to adjust the steering wheel

2. Clean the comb.

3. Fastening disc cutting tool

4. Clean up the remaining material at the vertical knife.


How to maintain dicing machine?

1. All maintenance must be performed after the power is turned off. 2. Dicing machine must be cleaned after use, especially the part material passes. 3. After each use, carefully check all cutting tools to avoid damage or bluntness, and check if the comb cutting edge is normal or damaged. Disassemble the combination tool once a week. 4. When reassembling, it must be cleaned with non-toxic and tasteless food oil. Before installation, the food oil must be applied on the cutting shaft to ensure easy operation



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