What types of vegetable cutting machines are there?

5types of vegetable cutting machines
5types of vegetable cutting machines
Faced with the diversity of vegetable and cutting, vegetable cutter manufacturers mainly produce 5 types of vegetable cutting machines.
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A vegetable cutter is a commercial machine manufactured to meet the requirements of fast vegetable cutting. The commercial vegetable cutting machine meets the needs of fast vegetable cutting in restaurants, canteens, food processing plants, and other places. And vegetable cutter manufacturers have manufactured many types of vegetable cutters. These vegetable cutters can fully meet the cutting needs of various vegetables such as roots, leafy vegetables, and so on. They can meet the requirements of various cutting sizes such as slices, dices, and segments. There are many kinds of vegetable cutters in the market, so what are the types of vegetable cutting machines?

Introduction of vegetable cutting machine types

According to the type of vegetable and cutting, there are mainly 5 types of commercial vegetable cutting machines. They are a multi-function vegetable cutter, leaf vegetable cutter, roots vegetable cutter, dicing machine, and downward pressure vegetable cutter. These vegetable cutters can have single or multiple functions. The following is a detailed introduction to the functions of these machines.

Multifunctional vegetable cutter

Multifunctional vegetable cutter
Multifunctional Vegetable Cutter

The multifunctional vegetable cutting machine meets the needs of cutting roots, stems, and leafy vegetables. It has two types of single head and double head. These two types of machines can cut vegetables into various sizes such as slices, slices, silk, and traps. The double-head vegetable cutter has two cutter heads, the stem and leafcutter head, and the rhizome cutter head. By changing the cutter head, it can cut vegetables into different sizes.

Leafy Vegetable Cutting machine

Leafy vegetable cutting machine
Leafy Vegetable Cutting Machine

The leaf vegetable cutting machine is mainly a machine made to meet the requirements of cutting leafy vegetables into traps. It can not only cut leafy vegetables, but it can also cut root vegetables. The machine can add centrifugal cutters according to customer needs. A vegetable cutter with a centrifugal cutter first slices the root vegetables and then cuts the slices into shreds with a vertical knife.

Root Vegetable Cutter

Root vegetable cutting slicing machine
Root Vegetable Cutting Slicing Machine

The root vegetable cutting machine is mainly used to cut root vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, and other vegetables. A variety of customized tools can be selected. It can cut root vegetables into slices, shreds, diced, and other shapes.

Down pressure vegetable cutter

Down pressure vegetable slicing machine
Down Pressure Vegetable Slicing Machine

The down-pressure slicer widely applies to process all kinds of dried fruits and vegetables. It is mainly used for cutting fruits and root vegetables into slices. The downward pressure slicer requires a person to manually put the fruit or vegetable into the feed opening and press down to slice. The thickness of fruit and vegetable slices can be adjusted according to production requirements.

Vegetable dicing machine

Vegetable dicing machine
Vegetable Dicing Machine

Vegetable dicing machine widely applied to dicing root vegetables or fruits. It is mainly suitable for dicing potatoes, carrots, onions, tomatoes, and other vegetables or fruits. The size of the dice mainly determines by the blade. Therefore, it can replace different sizes of blades to cut dices of different sizes. The cutting size range is 4~15mm.

The above are different kinds of vegetable cutters. Although there are many types of vegetable cutting machines, you can choose the right machine according to the vegetables you are handling and the shape you need to cut.

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