Industrial meat block flaker machine | froze meat slicer

Industrial meat block flaker machine
industrial meat block flaker machine
The industrial frozen meat flaker machine is of 304 stainless steel structure, which is major equipment in the meat processing industry.
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The Taizy frozen meat flaker is of 304 stainless steel structure, which is a major equipment in meat processing industry. Therefore the meat shaving machine is characterized by corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, generous design, simple and safe in operation, easy to mount, and maintain, etc. This machine equipped with the cutting knife with high speed rotation, can cut the frozen meat into meat slices of different thickness depending on customers’ requirement.

Frozen meat slicer machine
Frozen Meat Slicer Machine

Frozen meat can be sliced without defrosting, which saves the frozen meat melting process, thus shorten the time and enhances the work efficiency. The meat shaving machine can cut large pieces of frozen meat into slices, which can be directly put into meat chopping and mixing machine or meat grinder for further process ensuring the freshness and quality of meat product. Meanwhile, the labor intensity of workers is reduce, and the service life of the chopping and mixing machine can be extended. The Taizy meat shaving machine is characterized by reasonable design, balanced weight, wide body and large torque shaver broke the shackle of the traditional design. The reasonable designed shaving/slicing plate has reinforcement and blade for special and longtime processing, avoiding the appearance of fatigue crack and other consequences. 4KW high power motor with special heavy machinery reducer is super durable.

Meat block flaker machine effect
Meat Block Flaker Machine Effect

How to regulate the speed of meat flaker machine

1.Firstly, place the frozen meat flaker machine on a smooth, horizontal place stably.
2.The machine shell must be firmly grounded.
3.Before starting speed adjustment, check the cutting tool, if there is a loose cutter, tighten it immediately.
4.The operation procedure: first, make the cutting tool rotates according to the direction the arrow indicating). If the cutter rotates reversely, replace any 2 of power line with each other.

Meat flaker machine
Meat Flaker Machine

Safe operation of frozen meat slicing machine

1. The electrical parts cannot be submerged into water.
2. Do not put your hand into the inlet.
3. Prevent foreign bodies from entering the hopper.
4. Do not process meat with bones with this machine.
5. The entrance and exit are equipped with safety protection devices.

Frozen meat slicing machine factory
Frozen Meat Slicing Machine Factory

Parameter of frozen meat block flaker

Model TZ-1000
Cutter diameter(mm) 960
Power(kw) 4.0
Capacity(kg/h) 600-1200
Thickness of slicer(mm) Adjustable
Dimension(mm) 1300*650*1350

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