Vacuum vegetable meat mixer machine | meat blending machine

Vacuum vegetable meat mixer machine
Vacuum vegetable meat mixer machine
The vacuum meat mixer machine applies for making meat sausages, meatball products, chaos, and other products.
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The vacuum meat mixer machine is a machine used to mix vegetables, meat, and seasonings. It is an important mixing machine for making meat sausages, meatball products, chaos and other products. The principle and method of vacuum filling makes the vegetable meat absorb the condiments to the greatest extent. But it also has the characteristics of fully expanding the raw material, no bubbles, good elasticity, and bright color.

Vacuum meat mixer machine brief Introduction

1. The vacuum meat mixer machine produced by our company is developed according to international standards and processing technology.
2.This machine has good adaptability towards meat with different shapes such as granular, powder, mud, paste and slurry types
3.Raw material can be all kinds of sausage.
4.The speed of mixing machine is fast, and can stir meat uniformly.
5. After the stirring, viscosity increases and the elasticity is flexible. Compared with other supplier,our specially fan-shaped agitator can stir and tenderize meat at the same time, which can significantly improve the working efficiency.

Vacuum meat blending machine application
Vacuum Meat Blending Machine Application

Vacuum vegetable meat mixer machine advantage

1, high efficiency, fast mixing speed,easy to operate
3.automatic discharge, lower labor intensity
4.Teeth with rotating gear can mix raw material evenly, and load more meat.
5.Three-layer sealing enables machine to last longer time and makes it easy to clean.
7. Meat mixing machine uses paralleling double-axis structure with slant paddle. The material moves in the hopper while doing circular motion, uniformly mixing them.
8. It adopts dual speed and power according to diverse types of meat and also has different speeds and running modes for stirring.
9. Vacuum and sealing devices are made of high quality seals that meet hygienic standards.
10.Meat is evenly stirred under the vacuum, and it is fully expanded with good elasticity, remaining bright color and original protein
11. The upper cover and the discharge are sealed with high-quality stealing strips, which are easy to operate, reliable and durable.

Sausage meat mixing machine details
Sausage Meat Mixing Machine Details

 vacuum meat mixer machine parameter

  Model Size (mm) Weight (kg) Power (kw) Output
TZ 50 1000*360*1050 180 3 30kg/time
TZ 100 1000*730*1100 280 4.4 70kg/time
TZ 150 1300*730*1200 300 4.4 100kg/time
TZ 200 1700*730*1300 340 4.4 150kg/time
TZ 350 2100*730*1450 380 6 250kg/time
Industrial vacuum meat mixer machine factory
Industrial Vacuum Meat Mixer Machine Factory

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