200L jacketed kettle with agitator sold to UAE

Jacketed cooking kettle supplier china
jacketed cooking kettle supplier China
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Jacketed kettle with agitator is a very practical liquid food processing equipment. The Jacketed cooking pot is a double-layered cooking pot composed of inner and outer spherical pots, which can be heated by electric heating, steam heating, gas heating, etc. Our Taizy factory is a manufacturer and exporter of commercial jacketed kettles and has provided cooking pots with different production volumes to many foreign customers. Last weekend, we exported a jacketed kettle with agitators with a processing capacity of 200L to UAE again.

Why choose a jacketed kettle with agitator for food plants?

Most food factories need practical jacketed kettles to replace ordinary cooking pots for food processing. This is because the diameter of ordinary cooking pots is usually small, the capacity is limited, and it is inconvenient to use, which seriously affects the processing efficiency of food factories.

The use of jacketed kettle with agitators can quickly produce liquid food in batches, and is easy to operate and easy to clean, which can greatly improve the efficiency of food processing and save labor. At present, jacketed cooking pots are widely used in the production of jams, liquid condiments, hot pot bases, tomato sauces, dairy products, canned food, and marinated foods.

Mixing agitator of jacketed kettles
mixing agitator of jacketed kettles

Details of UAE order for jacketed kettle with agitators

The UAE customer saw the working video of jacketed kettles posted by our factory on Facebook a month ago. He was very interested in the cooking function and production method of the machine in the video, so he contacted our factory through the WhatsApp number reserved on our homepage.

The UAE customer has a medium-scale food processing factory. In order to improve the production efficiency of blueberry sauce, the customer plans to purchase a cooking pot. In order to let the customer understand the working materials and scope of application of the machine, we sent him many 3D demonstration videos and actual working videos of the machine, and also sent him pictures and accessories of sandwich pots with different configurations.

The UAE customer pays more attention to the service life and after-sales service of the machine, so we showed him the factory use feedback of our other UAE users, and issued the qualification certificate issued by the relevant testing agency. The customer was very satisfied with our machine and service and finally chose to order a steam jacketed kettle with a mixing agitator with a capacity of 200L from our factory.

Jacketed kettle with agitator for uae
jacketed kettle with agitator for UAE

Parameters of steam jacketed cooking pot for UAE

Steam heating jacketed kettle Steam heating
Pot diameter:800mm
Tilting type with mixer
Mixer power:0.75kw
Material:304 stainless steel
Discharge outlet at the bottom 
parameters of steam jacketed kettle for UAE

Notes for steam jacketed kettle requirements for UAE

  1. Add temperature gauge for cooked raw material
  2. Change the voltage into 240v 50hz, 3 phase cost
  3. Payment terms: 100% payment by credit card/bank transfer
  4. After the order 7-10 days can ship to China port, if needs change the voltage, it needs extra 3-5 days.