Steam jacketed kettle exported to Australia

Steam jacketed kettle for sale in austrilia
steam jacketed kettle for sale in Austrilia
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The steam jacketed kettle is widely used in processing various foods. It has the characteristics of high heating efficiency, large heating area, and easy control of heating temperature. The steam jacketed pot has a variety of output, so it is suitable for restaurants, schools, food processing plants, and other places. It is a good machine to reduce processing time and improve the quality of food processing.

Why customers choose Taizy jacketed cooking pot

An Australian customer ordered a 300L steam-heated jacketed kettle with stirring from Taizy in early February for making fish soup.

  1. Using steam heating, easy to control the heat source. The steam heating pot uses less steam pressure and is suitable for high-temperature heating;
  2. The agitator can make the material circulate and mix thoroughly. And you can adjust the stirrer speed according to your requirement;
  3. The whole steam jacketed pot adopts 304 stainless steel, and we can equip with the stirring shaft for easy clean and replace;
  4. The tilting machine design is more convenient for pouring out materials and saves labor.
Steam jacketed kettle and steam jacketed kettle
Steam Jacketed Kettle And Steam Jacketed Kettle

Customer feedback on the steam jacketed kettle

After receiving the machine, the customer couldn’t wait to take it apart. And connected the steam to the machine to start making fish soup. During the whole cooking process, the customer quickly saw the heating temperature rise, and the cooking process complete in a short period of time. During the heating process, he saw the motor drive the stirring shaft to stir at a certain speed. He adjusted the stirring speed to slow it down. After finishing the cooking, he turned the button next to the machine to turn the pot over and pour it out of the cooked fish soup.

The Australian customer commented on this steam jacketed cooking kettle: it completed my business vision very well. It heats up quickly and it is very convenient to pour materials. The boiled fish soup is delicious, and my customers love it very much. Thank you very much for providing me with such a good machine.