200L steam jacketed kettle with agitator exported to Philippines

Steam jacketed kettle in philippines
steam jacketed kettle in Philippines
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The jacketed cooking kettle is widely used in commercial activities because of its wide range of uses and easy and safe operation. The jacketed kettle includes electric jacketed kettle, steam jacketed kettle, and gas jacketed kettle. The whole machine adopts stainless steel. The double-layer jacket kettle has the function of heat preservation and heat insulation. At present, we have exported jacketed cooking kettles to the Philippines, the United States, Australia, Cameroon, and many other countries.

How does the steam jacket cooking kettle work?

A jacketed cooking kettle is a heating pot with a jacket. It uses steam heating to heat the jacket. The heat generated in the jacket heats the raw materials in the pot. The jacketed pot has the characteristics of a large heating area, uniform heating, and short boiling time of raw materials. According to the different ways of pouring raw materials, it can be divided into tilting and vertical. The tilting jacketed kettle can turn the pot body over and discharge automatically. If the customer’s raw material is relatively viscous, need a stirrer to continuously stir the material to maintain its fluidity.

Several times cooperation with Filipino customers on the jacketed kettle

The Filipino customer is a reseller. In May of last year, he inquired about the steam jacketed pot for the first time for his customer. His customer’s raw material is tomatoes, and the customer’s heating method is steam. When asked about his output, he was not very sure. Therefore, we sent the price list of our steam-jacketed pan with stirring to the customer. After a detailed comparative study, his client chose a 200L output. Soon, the customer placed an order.

Steam jacketed kettle deliver to philippines
Steam Jacketed Kettle Deliver To Philippines

After the customer receives the machine, he operates according to the instructions and videos we sent and then puts it into production. After the first customer completed the purchase, as soon as a customer asking him about the jacketed kettle, he came to inquire about us. Later, he ordered several electric heating jacketed cooking pots and steam-jacketed kettles from us for his customers.




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