Fruit jam cooking making machine

Fruit jam cooking making machine
fruit jam cooking making machine
The fruit jam cooking machine is used to mix and steam fruit, sugar, and gelatinizer into delicious jam. The stirring function is conducive to the mixing of raw materials.
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The jam on the bread can also be made using a jacketed pan. The production of jam is inseparable from fruits, sugar, and gel materials. The fruit jam cooking machine can even mix and heat these raw materials into jam. This kind of machine can save manpower and material resources when making jams. A variety of heating methods and large-volume machines are available. Let’s take a look at how the jam steamer makes jam.

Fruit jam application

Jam is a gel substance made by mixing fruits, sugar, and acidity regulators at a temperature over 100°C, also called fruit jam. Making jam is a way to preserve fruit for a long time. Jam can be made from various fruits, such as strawberries, blueberries, grapes, roses, apples, oranges, and other fruits. The jam can be spread on bread or toast and eaten. The jam is rich in nutrition and delicate in taste, suitable for all people, and has the effects of seasoning, invigorating the stomach, and appetizing.

Fruit jam
Fruit Jam

Working principle of fruit jam cooking making machine

Jam can be made using a jacketed pot. The jacketed pot applies for mixing and heating the various materials for making jam evenly. The jacketed pan is similar to the wok we usually use. It mainly relies on electricity, steam, and other heating methods to heat the heat transfer oil or water in the interlayer. The jam is heated indirectly through the heating medium. In the heating process, the function of continuous stirring can be realized. And during processing, it can expand the heating area, so that the jam can be heated more evenly. After making the jam, it can turn the handle of the machine to automatically discharge the material.

Fruit jam making machine details
Fruit Jam Making Machine Details

Fruit jam making steps

  • Prepare the fruit, sugar, and gel substances used in making jam.
  • Wash the fruit and remove the stems, leaves, and other substances on the fruit.
  • After washing the fruit, cut the fruit into 1cm-large particles.
  • Put the cut fruit pieces into the jam cooking pot, then add the white sugar and stir evenly, leave it for 15 minutes.
  • After the strawberry is out of the soup, heat it to a boil over high heat, and then skim the foam. Turn to medium heat and simmer while stirring until the strawberry jam becomes viscous. Turn off the heat
  • Use the discharging handle to pour out the steamed jam, and put it into a glass container for storage after cooling.
Fruit jam cooking mixer factory
Fruit Jam Cooking Mixer Factory

Advantages of cooking jam in a jacketed pan

  • The jacketed pot can equip with a stirrer and other devices to mix fruits, sugar, and gel substances, saving manpower.
  • After making the jam, use the rotating handle to automatically pour out the material.
  • The fruit jam-making machine can use electricity, steam, gas, electromagnetic, and other heating methods.
  • It has a variety of machine configurations, which can be matched according to different materials and needs of customers.
  • It adopts food-grade stainless steel, which meets the safety and health standards for jam making

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