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Jacketed kettle
jacketed kettle
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Jacketed kettle brief instruction:

A Jacketed kettle is a kind of steaming pot with a jacket, it is suitable for cooking porridge, sauce, or other things. The jacketed pan is mainly composed of a body and holder. The Pan body is a two-layer structure consisting of a spherical body inside and outside, and the middle layer is heated by steam. It is divided into fixed type, tilting type, and stirring type. A Jacketed pan bears such advantages as a large heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, short boiling time towards liquid, and easy control of heating temperature. Most important, this jacketed pan is easy to install and convenient to operate.

Types of jacketed pans

According to whether the jacketed pot can be tilted, we have tilting jacketed kettles and non-tilting jacketed pans. Our most popular is the tilting jacketed pot. After the material is heated, we can adjust the button to tilt the pot to facilitate the pouring of the material. And according to the different heating methods, we have electric heating jacketed pot and steam heating jacketed pot. The capacity can be 50L to 2000L.

Tilting electric jacketed kettle with stirring
Tilting Electric Jacketed Kettle With Stirring

Jacketed kettle applications:

This equipment is widely used in the processing of food industries such as candy, pharmaceuticals, dairy products, wines, cakes, preserves, beverages, canned foods, etc. Jacketed pot applies to large restaurants or canteen to cook as well. It is good equipment to shorten the time and improve working conditions whether in daily life or in industry.

Jacketed kettle application
Jacketed Kettle Application

The tilting jacketed kettle structure:

Tilting jacketed kettle structure
Tilting Jacketed Kettle Structure

The planetary cooking pot

The planetary cooking pot is similar to the jacketed kettle. It also heats the material through the jacket. The heating methods include steam, electric heating, electric heating heat transfer oil, electromagnetic heating, etc. Its mixing method adopts a special tilt rotation so that the agitator can fully contact the pot body so that the material is stirred more evenly. The machine can also be tilted.

Jacketed pan5 2
Jacketed pan4 2

Jacketed kettle VS planetary cooking pot

Both the jacketed pan and the planetary wok use jackets to heat the materials, with a wide range of heating sources and a wide range of applicable raw materials.

But there is a little difference between the two machines.

Jackedted kettle & planetary cooking pot
Jackedted Kettle &Amp; Planetary Cooking Pot

The mixing method of the ordinary jacketed pan is that the ordinary motor stirs around a fixed route. The disadvantage is that there may be a certain blind spot in the stirring route; while the planetary wok is a stirrer that can rotate in all directions in the pot, so the material can be uniformly rotated in all directions. Therefore, their applicable raw materials are also somewhat different. The planetary cooking pot is more suitable for some viscous materials, such as porridge, maltose, moon cake fillings, etc.

Ordinary tiltable jacketed pans generally use manual methods when pouring materials; the planetary wok uses a fully automatic hydraulic device, and the pan can be tilted only by pressing a button.