Double chamber vacuum packaging

Double chamber vacuum packaging (1)
Double chamber vacuum packaging (1)
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Double chamber vacuum packaging scope of application:

Vacuum packing machine packs materials, for example, liquid, solid, powder, paste food, fruit, pickles, preserved fruit, chemicals, medicine, electronics, precision instruments, rare metal vacuum, with the plastic aluminum foil, plastic film is the main wrapper.

The vacuum packing can prevent items from oxidation, mildew, an infection caused by moth or be affected with damp, with fresh quality prolonged. The vacuum packing method is especially suitable for packing of tea, food, medicine, shops, research institutions, and other industries. With beautiful appearance, compact structure, high efficiency, it is easy to operate, and with the wheel equipped, it is easy to be transited.

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Double chamber vacuum packaging product features

1. The technology including new heating device, imported heating strip and isolation film are all patented by the company.

2. The machine is made of 304 stainless steel, and the packing chamber and table plate are of thickness 4mm.

3. Vacuum packing machine is equipped with movable and fixed brake devices.

4. High-end electromagnetic valve.

5. The sealing pad and sealing strip are made of natural silica gel.

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Double chamber vacuum packaging Product advantages:

1. The separated control mode of the temperature of each vacuum chamber control panel adopts a (separated temperature control). Bags of different thickness can be used synchronically in the two vacuum chambers, and if one vacuum chamber fails to work, the other vacuum chamber can continue to be used;

2. Vacuum pump: strict quality control ensures the safe and stable operation of the vacuum packaging machine;

3. The swing rod fixed between the vacuum upper cover and the main body of vacuum packing machine adopts automatic self-aligning bearing to realize automatically position-sitting; thus greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers.

4. Main material: the main structural material of vacuum packaging machine (vacuum machine) is 304 stainless steel, who ensures the appearance of beauty and anti-corrosion effect of vacuum packaging machine when be operated in the harsh environment of strong corrosion;

5. V-shaped sealing strip: v-shaped vacuum chamber sealing strip made of high-density material ensures the sealing effect of the packing machine. Shuliy double-chamber vacuum packing machine, with its extended service life of the sealing strip, can reduce the frequency of sealing strip replacement so as to decrease the production cost.

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Double chamber vacuum packaging cooling:

When the heating time relay is cut off, the cooling time relay is energized. To take advantage of waste heat to seal the bag to prevent the bag from wrinkling or shrinking during cooling, so as to seal the bag smoothly and beautifully. After reaching the set cooling time, the cooling time relay power off. (Cooling time relay installed in the electrical chamber are adjusted before leaving for delivery.) When vent valve solenoid circuit be powered on, valve open, the atmosphere is sucked into the chamber. Reset the heating head. When the pressure of the chamber reaches the outside air pressure, the vacuum chamber cover opens automatically with the limit switch reset, then the packaging procedure is completed.

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Double chamber vacuum packaging parameters

Supply voltage: 380 Power: 2.2
Vacuum chamber size: 600*700*115
Sealing length: 600
Packing speed: 180-300/ h
Weight: 360 Dimensions: 1400*780*1150