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Jacketed pan/Sandwich pot

jacketed pan1
jacketed pan1

Brief instruction:

The jacketed pan is mainly composed of body and holder. Pan body is a two-layer structure consisting of a spherical body inside and outside, and the middle layer is heated by steam. It is divided into fixed type, tilting type, and stirring type. Jacketed pan bears such advantages as large heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, short boiling time towards liquid, and easy control about heating temperature. Most important, this jacketed pan is easy to install and convenient to operate.

Overall structure:

Fixed type: body and holder
Tilting type: body and tilting holder
Stirring-type: body and stirring equipment

Sandwich pot Pan body:

It is two-layer consisting of spherical pan inside and outside, and middle layer is heated by steam.

Jacketed pan/Sandwich pot Holder:

1.Vertical one: triangular pyramid type, round tube type.
2.Tilting one: box iron type


This equipment is widely used in the processing of food industries such as candy, pharmaceuticals, dairy products, wines, cakes, preserves, beverages, and canned foods, etc. Jacketed pot applies to large restaurants or canteen to cook as well. It is good equipment to shorten the time and improve working conditions whatever in daily life or in industry.

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