100kg/h bone crusher machine deliveryed to Japan

Bone crusher machine stocks
bone crusher machine stocks
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Bone crusher machine is professionally used to crush all kinds of large bones, beef bones, sheep bones, and other hard bones. It can be used to grind bones into bone mud with bone mud machine. The ground bone mud is widely used in pet feed, biological products, food additives, the catering industry, etc.

Bone crusher machine working principle

A bone crusher machine is a machine that specializes in breaking bones. It contains two sets of knives, one set of fixed knives, and one set of movable knives. When the bone passes through the knife set, the fixed knives remain stationary. The moving knives rotate at high speed to cut the bones into small pieces.

Japan’s pet industry is well developed

Compared with China, Japan’s pet industry developed earlier and is more mature. Japan is a large pet breeding and consuming country in Asia, and pet owners are willing to spend on pets.

Especially, with the intensification of Japan’s aging and the increase of single youth, people are more willing to devote more energy to pets and regard pets as part of family members. In the Japanese store, the pet area covers a large area. Most stores provide pet feed, sterilized food formulas, and personalized clothing.

Details about Japanese customer’s order

The Japanese customer is a pet lover who runs a pet store, and his brother runs a food processing factory. He hopes to import some machines to produce pet feed for use in his store and sell it through his brother’s channels.

Bone crusher and colloid mill
Bone Crusher And Colloid Mill

After consulting his brother’s opinion, he searched for the bone crusher machine and bone mud machine(colloid mill) online and found our website. And then sent us an inquiry, after confirming the machines and output he wanted. He quickly placed an order, now he received the machine and put it into production. He said that the machine was used very well. If he subsequently needed other machines or his brother’s factory would expand the product or replace the machine, he would buy the machine from us again.