60 trays fruit dehydrator machine running in Australia

Fruit dehydrator machine
fruit dehydrator machine
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The fruit dehydrator machine is a tray dryer, which consists of a drying box main body, a heat source converter, and a drying tray cart. The dehydrator is widely used for raw materials such as fruits, vegetables, tea, and medicinal materials. The main body of the drying box of the machine is made of high-temperature-resistant insulation cotton. The heating source can be electric, gas, and other heating methods. The fruit dehydrator machine adopts automatic temperature control, automatic humidity control, dehumidification, which has high drying efficiency and large output.

The drying principle of tray dehydrator

The tray dehydrator uses electric or gas as a heat source. The hot air flows through the drying box through the converter body. Then it will circulate in the drying box and transfers heat to the drying raw materials. The machine can automatically control the temperature and humidity, so it can keep the surface temperature of the dried raw materials and the internal humidity tend to be consistent. Thus can achieve the purpose of drying the inside and outside of the dried raw materials at the same time, and ensure the final moisture content of the raw materials.

Tray dehydrator machine
Tray Dehydrator Machine

Fruit dehydrator machine export to Australia

Australia’s horticultural industry is strong

Australia is an island country with a variety of geographical environments and climates. This provides abundant geological conditions for the large-scale cultivation of fruits and vegetables in Australia. Also, Australia is unanimously focused on implementing strict controls and in-depth research on fruits and vegetables that can resist pests and diseases. The hygienic and green certificates of Australian horticultural products are also praised by consumers. Strong production capacity and strict control of fruit and vegetable products have greatly increased the demand and export trade of Australian horticultural products. Australia is close to Asia, and its largest export destinations are Hong Kong, Japan, the United States, and Singapore.

Australia fruit dryer order details

The Australian client is a farmer who grows various fruits and vegetables. He wanted to sell some of the fruits and vegetables he picked directly, and some after drying. Regarding the choice of drying heat source, we communicated with the customer and learned that his local gas is cheaper than electricity. So we customized a gas heating machine for him. He chose a 3.5m drying box equipped with 60 trays. The customer’s drying requirement is to maintain the moisture content of 3% after drying. And according to customer requirements, we have developed a drying process for customers.

Fruit dehydrator
Fruit Dehydrator

Lemon fruit slice drying process

1: Select high-quality lemon fruit, clean the lemon with saltwater, soda water cleaning method, or ultrasonic cleaning method. The main purpose is to clean and remove pesticide residues or wax.

2: Use a lemon slicer to cut the lemon into slices of about 4mm. Pay attention to the thickness to be uniform, and the error should not exceed ±1m. In addition, remove the lemon seeds to avoid affecting the drying effect and the taste of lemon slices.

3: Put the lemon slices neatly on a ventilated tray, avoid stacking them. First, use natural wind and light to remove some water from the lemon slices.

4: Transfer the lemon slices that have been air-dried for one day to the drying room. Set the dryer temperature to a low-temperature range of 40-50°C. The moisture of the lemon slices will slowly evaporate and drain during the low-temperature drying process. The drying process is about 15 hours.

5: The drying process of lemon slices pays attention to the precise control of temperature, humidity, air volume, and wind speed. If you want to dry other fruit slices such as apple slices, mango slices, banana slices, dragon fruit slices, hawthorn slices, etc., the points are similar.

We provide a pallet drying machine, box-type integrated drying machine, mesh belt drying machine. If you want a dryer to dry your raw materials, please contact us. We are dedicated to providing you with professional drying solutions. And we have a professional sales to contact you to equip you with machines and provide you with drying solutions.