Barrel peeling cleaning machine

Barrel peeling cleaning (2)
Barrel peeling cleaning (2)
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A brief introduction to stainless steel potato washing, peeling machine:

The barrel washing and peeling machine are made of high-quality stainless steel externally, while inner wall coated by high-quality carborundum. The washing and peeling machine is of high peeling speed, low peeling material damage, perfect peeling effect, can be applied to process taro, potato, garlic, sweet potato, and other round root crop. The stainless steel cleaning, the machine can peel off 15-25 grams of tuber crops per operation.

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Peeling barrel and enclosure of this peeling machine are made of high-quality stainless steel, which is easy to clean, beautiful and luxurious, and never getting rusted; high quality bearing and full copper core motor adopted ensures stable performance, low noise, smooth operation; advanced sandblasting technology applied, ensures long service life, thoroughly clean peeling, low damage rate; Simple operation, labor-saving, time-saving, the work efficiency of peeling and washing can outrun the efficiency of ten people.

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Operation method:

1. Switch on the power supply, check whether the rotation direction of the material barrel is consistent with the direction indicating by the arrow mark on the barrel cover or not, exchange any two phases of the three-phase power supply then reconnect, connect the water inlet and tap by a hose connecting to the container or to the sewer.

2. Start the peeling machine and put the potatoes in. Load 5-8kg version JQP/350 in type per time, and 8-12kg in version JQP/450.

3. Turn on the water inlet switch, pour water into the rotary barrel, then adjust the volume appropriately, lock the cylinder cover tightly, then start the switch.

4. After working for about 2 minutes, turn off the power switch and water inlet switch to check the peeling effect of potatoes, if the potato skin has been removed clean, open the outlet door, and start the power switch, then under the propelling force of the rotary barrel, the peeled potatoes will be unloaded from the outlet door automatically.

5. During running, if there is any abnormal situation, switch off the power supply quickly and restarted after troubleshooting.

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Technical parameters of stainless steel potato peeling machine:

Size Power (kw) Voltage (v) Size (mm) Weight (kg) Capacity(kg/h)
TP-10 0.75 220 690x410x800 60 80
TP-30 1.1 380 740x650x860 80 200
TP-80 1.5 380 880x960x1000 130 800