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Best passion fruit juicer machine / commercial juicing machine

Passion fruit juicer machine is a special juice extraction equipment for passionflower (passion fruit). While pressing the juice of passion flower (passion fruit), the pulp and seeds are separated as well, finally getting the passionflower (passion fruit) juice, passion fruit skin and passion fruit seeds respectively.

passion fruit juicer machineThus, this juicer machine is not just a passionflower (passion fruit) juicer, as well as a passionflower (passion fruit) peeler and passionflower (passion fruit) seed extractor.

juicer machine structure
juicer machine structure

Technical parameter of passion fruit juicer machine

Name Juicer machine
Capacity 0.5-1T/H
Power 2.2KW
Dimension 1900×850×2260mm

Working principle of passion fruit juicer machine

Commercial juicer machine is mainly composed of a special crusher, a separation cylinder, a juice collection tank, a seed outlet, a rack, a transmission part etc.

  1. During operation, the passion fruit enters the crusher from the feeding hopper.
  2. They enter into separation barrel after being crushed.
  3. Juice, pulp and passion fruit skin constantly rolls in the barrel so that they can be fully separated.
  4. After several seconds, passion fruit skin is discharged through the slag bucket. Juice and pulp fall into the juice collecting tank and then flows into the seeds cylinder that has a silica gel scraper.
  5. The juice is scraped out from the small hole in the seeding tube, and the seed is discharged from the seed outlet.
juicer machine
juicer machine

Advantage of passion fruit juicer machine

  1. Juicing machine is made of stainless steel with high corrosion resistance and long service life.
  2. The final juice is very clean without any impurities.
  3. It is easy to operate and maintain.
  4. It can extract the skin and pulp of passion fruit while pressing juice.
  5. High capacity, that is, 1.5t/h, saving much time and energy.

passion fruit juicer machine

juicer machine
juicing machine


The preoccupation of passion fruit juicer machine

  1. First check the rotating part, whether the rotation is flexible, and whether the belt and chain are too loose.
  2. Enable the rotation direction is consistent with the direction on the steering system.
  3. During the process, check the breakage rate, the cleanness rate of the seed, and whether the seeds and pulp are fully separated. If the cleaning rate is low, you shall adjust the gap between the rubber scraper and barrel can be adjusted.
  4. Check the seed loss rate and the pulp discharge speed. If the loss rate is too high, the height of the slag bucket can be raised appropriately. If the meat discharge speed is too slow, you shall lower the height of the skin outlet frame of passion fruit juicing machine
  5. The seeds and pulp should be discharged before stopping it so that it is easy to clean all part of the machine after shutdown. The crusher and the juice collection tank have seeds attached to it, and you can add an appropriate amount of water for washing.
  6. The material entering the juicer machine must not be mixed with iron, stone and other hard objects so as not to damage the machine.
  7. Add lubrication oil for each bearing before use.
  8. When the machine is started, it is strictly forbidden to place your hand into it.、
juicer machine stock
juicer machine stock


  1. Can this juicer machine fully separate the seeds, pulp and skin of passion fruit?

Yes, seeds, pulp and skin of passion fruit are discharged from different outlet.

  1. What is the loss rate of seeds?

It is less than 2%.

  1. How about the cleaning rate of the final juice?

The cleaning rate is more than 97%.