How to use gas-heated jacketed cooking pan efficiently?

Jacketed cooking pan for sale
jacketed cooking pan for sale
The gas heating type jacketed cooking pot is mainly used for heating with gas (liquefied gas, natural gas) as fuel.
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The gas heating type jacketed cooking pot is mainly used for heating with gas (liquefied gas, natural gas) as fuel. This kind of jacketed cooking pan is mainly used in central kitchen to make soup, stir-fry and stew all kinds of food, or used in food processing plant to boil all kinds of food materials, etc. This gas-fired cooking pot has a large capacity, is easy to operate and has a very high working efficiency.

Reference value of gas consumption of gas-heated jacketed cooking pan

  1. The gas consumption per hour of the jacketed pot with the volume of 50L-300L is: 4 cubic meters of natural gas and 3 kg of liquefied gas.
  2. The gas consumption per hour for a gas type jacketed cooking pan with a volume between 400L and 600L is: 7 cubic meters of natural gas and 5 kg of liquefied gas.
Jacketed cooking pan with different sizes
Jacketed cooking pan with different sizes

How to properly install a gas-heated sandwich cooking pan?

  1. The gas cooker should be placed in a room with good ventilation conditions. When installing this cooking pan, the ground is required to be preferably a flat and solid cement floor. And require the appropriate size of the ground width to ensure that there is enough space for workers to operate. The equipment should be placed and adjusted smoothly, and the machine should be fixed with ground bolts.
  2. A floor trough for easy drainage should be placed underneath the gas cooking pot. And install cold and hot water pipes on the side of the cooker to make it easy to add water and wash the gas-heated jacketed cooker after cooking.
  3. Connect the gas piping. Before starting to connect the gas pipe, you should confirm that the supply gas is the same as the type of gas used in the cooking pot. Connection of gas pipes must be carried out by specialized technical personnel. After the connection is completed, each gas pipe connection should be checked to ensure that the gas piping is tight and does not leak.
  4. Adjustment of gas pressure. The gas pressure should be adjusted before using the gas heating jacketed cooking pan. In addition, it should be confirmed that the dynamic pressure of surrounding gas appliances used at the same time should meet the requirements. (Natural gas with medium pressure valve, liquefied gas with low pressure valve)
Jacketed cooking kettle factory
jacketed cooking kettle factory

Steps for operating gas jacketed cooking pot

(1) Check to make sure the supply gas source is the same as the type of gas indicated on the equipment before use.
(2) Add food or water, etc., to the pot.
(3) Ignition of the burner. In the first step, confirm that the ignition knob and ignition rod knob are in the fully closed position before opening the gas main valve. The second step, open the ignition rod knob, ignite the ignition rod, insert the ignition port in the lower part of the combustion chamber, ignite the burner. Step 3, pull out the ignition rod, and close the knob, and place the ignition rod in its original position.
(4) When the operation is finished, return the main burner knob to the off position and turn off the main gas knob.
(5) When food preparation is complete, wash and wipe the pan clean, and drain the water through the drain.