Roller seasoning machine

Roller seasoning machine (1)
Roller seasoning machine (1)
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Characteristics of roller seasoning machine:

Continuous roller seasoning machine is used for flavoring raw materials in the food processing. This equipment, with tilt-type seasoning roller, fully automatically controlled speed and large capacity, can achieve continuous seasoning effect in the production line. Equipped with rotary powder feeding device, the powder can be scattered and stir synchronically and automatically, so that avoid the uneven seasoned fries due to the gravity difference, and the consequences including residue, bonding, unseasoned parts. Equipped with mixing and stirring powder device, the fryer can fry potato chips in a uniform manner with accurate quantitative. The product is the integrity of electromagnetism, optical control, electronic control, digital delay, and high degree of automation.

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Roller seasoning machine structure:

The equipment consists of a bracket, roller, transmission system, powdering system, powder distribution transmission system, distributor and other main parts.

Roller seasoning machine operating steps:

(1) Connect the equipment to the power supply. The frying equipment adopts 220v power input, and the roller motor is 380v, and the sprinkling motor is 220v

(2) Start the roller motor, and the roller will start rotating slowly to the set speed. Start seasoning motor to motivate the seasoning device.

(3) The raw materials that need to be stirred for flavoring shall be continuously fed into the flavoring chamber by conveyor or feeding in manually in a slow manner into the feeding port.

(4) Open the motor so that the seasoning can be powdered evenly in the roller;

(5) Check the parts and confirm that they can work regularly.

(6) If the speed is too high, turn the frequency converter knob toward left. The speed can be rebated, but the lowest speed cannot be lower than 70% of the highest speed.

(7) Materials too fast speed can be rebated by adjusting the drum inclination, and if too slow, increase the roller inclination.

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The working principle of the roller seasoning machine:

Materials fall into the drum, are driven upward by stirring blades, and mix with seasoning powder. During the working process, seasoning shall remain sufficient in the roller, if nnot, powders should be added into the roller in time.

Method of use:

1. Before starting the machine, make a detailed inspection to see whether the fastening part is loose. Check the power cord, and make sure there are foreign bodies in the barrel. Check whether the working voltage meets the requirements.

2. Put the machine in a stable position and start it up. After having the roller seasoning machine tested for one minute, stop it and put in the ingredients needed for mixing and seasoning.

3. After working for a period of time, turn off the machine after the seasoning materials are mixed evenly and meeting the requirements. Push the control lever at the back of the machine, then pull the barrel forward to pour material out.

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Maintenance method:


1. When the machine is working slowly or insufficiently, please check if the triangular belt is tightened.

2. After the machine is used for a period of time, please check the bolts of the fasteners. If they are loose, please tighten them.

3. After the bearing of this machine has been used for 6 months, please add new lubricating oil in. The machine must be grounded.

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