A Spanish Steakhouse Ordered A Burger Patty Forming Machine

Burger patty forming machine shipped to spanish
burger patty forming machine shipped to Spanish
The Spanish customer purchased a burger patty forming machine for his steakhouse to process burger patties with a diameter of 10cm.
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The Spanish customer purchased a burger patty forming machine for his steakhouse to process burger patties with a diameter of 10cm. The commercial burger patty machine can be used to process different sizes and shapes of patties, and the Taizy factory can provide patty forming machines at a good price based on customers’ needs. Recently, Taizy factory’s burger patty machines have been exported to Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, the UK, Israel, Serbia, etc.

Meat patty
meat patty

How did the Spanish customer find Taizy’s meat patty machine?

The Spanish customer was browsing YouTube videos when he saw a video of the meatloaf forming machine posted by our Taizy factory. He was interested in the working effect of the meat patty machine in the video and immediately contacted our sales consultant through the WhatsApp number on the video.

In fact, in order to promote our factory’s meat patty forming machine and to let more food processors see how well our machine works, we have produced many related YouTube foods. In addition, we have also created corresponding websites of food processing machines for displaying our machines for customers to choose from.

Why did Spanish customers buy burger patty forming machine?

The Spanish client has a local steakhouse that has been in operation for two years. His steakhouse has been processing ready-to-eat cooked steaks. In recent years, in order to expand his business, the Spanish customer intends to process and sell burgers. Making burgers requires a large number of patties to be prepared in advance.

Making patties by hand was inefficient and labor was costly, so the customer decided to look for automatic patty processing equipment that could replace manual labor. Our Taizy factory’s commercial meat patty forming machine can realize the functions of automatic filling, automatic forming, and automatic conveying, which can save a lot of manual labor. In addition, by changing the forming molds, the machine can process different sizes, thicknesses, and shapes of patties.

Burger patty machine parameters for Spanish order

Meat patty making machine
Burger patty forming machine for spanish
Voltage:220V 50hz,single phase
Final patty shape: round shape
Final patty diameter: 0-110mm
Final patty thickness: 8-18mm