Spice powder grinder machine | Pharmaceutical powder grinder

Spice powder grinder machine
spice powder grinder machine
You may plant more than one kind of crop if you are a farmer, how to grind multiple crops just by one machine?spice powder grinder machine will give you an answer.
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You may plant more than one kind of crop if you are a farmer, how to grind multiple crops just by one machine? Does this machine exist? A lot of farmers ask such a question. Yes,of course, our spice powder grinder machine can fully meet your demand.

How one machine can grind different kinds of crop?

You may be confused about how the spice powder grinder machine works,and why it can grind different crops. Actually, the screen inside machine can be changed to fit different crops with different sizes, and it is very easy to operate. Until now, we have the screens for wheat, corn, beans, millet, sorghum, pepper rice etc, so it is necessary to tell the supplier which crop you have, and then they will suggest proper screens.

Spice powder grinding machine structure
Spice Powder Grinding Machine Structure

How to choose a good pharmaceutical powder grinder?

There are two types of machines in the market including carbon steel pharmaceutical powder grinder and stainless steel grain mill. What’s the difference between them? There is no doubt that machine made of stainless steel bears higher price than the carbon steel one. Why? The production cost of stainless steel is high, and the stainless stain frame has longer service life, ensuring the cleanliness of food and meeting the hygiene standard. What’s more, it is corrosion proof and wearable. If your budget is low, it is also a good choice to buy a grain mill with carbon steel. Compared with the first one, it is more economical and can be used for a long time!

Pharmaceutical powder grinder molds
Pharmaceutical Powder Grinder Molds

Can the final powder be directly eaten by people?

The fineness of the final powder is 10-120, so it absolutely can be eaten by people. However, a lot of people sell the grinding machine with bad quality, and the crop processed by it are very crude that only can be used to feed animals. The special design disk plate allows the crop to be fully beaten during operation, that’s why the processed crop looks very fine.

Finally, we have many grain mill in stock and deliver it to different countries monthly. Everyone lives on crop, so why not buy a grain mill machine if possible? We are pretty confident about the quality of machines, so just contact us if you have any demand about it, we are very glad to serve you and solve all the problems you have.