40GP shaqima production line was delivered to America

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On the 7th, January 2019, the 20GP shaqima production line was delivered to America!


What’s the details about this camera treats production line?

We received an inquiry about this customer on 4th, December 2018, and he requested a full-automatic shiqima production line, which includes dough mixer, dough pressing machine, oil frying machine, sugar cooking pot, flavor blender, cutting and forming machine and packing machine but he didn’t need sugar mixing pot and packing machine ( already bought them).

In addition, he asked to produce the camera treats with 0.5cm. After consulting with our technicians, we are able to manufacture such a production line, and this customer felt satisfied after sending the quotation to him.

Having consulted the voltage and other details about all the machines,  he made the deposit on 18th, December 2019, and noted that we must deliver the machines within 20 days. Without any hesitation, we have enough ability to produce them during this time.

What’s the packing details about this case?

We finished machines three days ahead of schedule, so the whole camera treats production line was packed well on 7th, January 2019, and the following are the packing details.

It is sugar cooking pot, and mainly melt the granule sugar into paste type, and then mix with nuts, sesame, and other ingredients.

Sugar cooking pot
Sugar Cooking Pot

It is a pressing roller, and is the part of the camera treats cutting and forming machine.

Pressing roller
Pressing Roller

Our workers completed all the work by half-day, and it was really a tough task. We manufacture the camera treats production line for more than 9 years and are very professional about it. What’s more, we can customize the machine as your request, and provide you perfect after-sale service.

cutting and forming machine

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