Caramel treats production line / shaqima processing machine 

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Caramel treats production line is used to produce caramel treats, adopting PLC operating system to realize full automation. It is able to continuously feed raw materials, flatten, slitting, and cross-cutting. In addition, the leveling density can be adjusted, and the product thickness is even. With frequency conversion adjustment, the cutting size is accurate and the shape is good.

The whole caramel treats production line are continuously produced, and no manual connection is required in the process, which fully realizes automatic and intelligent operation. The caramel treats the production line needs seven machines, that is, dough mixer, dough pressing machine, oil frying machine, sugar cooking pot, flavor blender, cutting and forming machine, and packing machine.

Caramel treats production line
Caramel Treats Production Line

Caramel treats machine operation video

Caramel treats production process

Dough mixer machine

The dough mixer machine is to mix flour with water, egg, and this machine has different models, and you can choose one according to your needs. The dough mixing time is short, around 3-10minutes.

Model The weight of dough(kg) Dough mixing time(min) Voltage (v) Power (kw) Machine (kg) Dimension (mm)
12.5 12.5 3-10 220/380 1.5 100 650*400*730
25 25 3-10 220/380 1.5 128 685*480*910
37.5 37.5 3-10 220/380 2.2 175 840*480*910
50 50 3-10 220 2.2 230 1070*570*1050
380 2.575 275
75 75 3-10 380 3.75 475 1410*680*1250
100 100 3-10 380 3.75 490 1520*680*1250
150 150 3-10 380 6.25 700 1710*730*1400

1caramel treat production line 1

Dough pressing machine

The dough pressing machine is to press the dough into a flat shape and then cut them to small blocks.

2caramel treat production line 2

Oil frying machine

After cutting, the small dough blocks need to be fried, which can enable it to be eaten.

Caramel treat 2

Sugar cooking pot

Sugar cooking pot is to melt the granule sugar into paste type, and then mix the ingredients such as nuts, sesame, sugar with small dough block together.

3caramel treat production line 4

Flavor blender

If you want the caramel treats to taste better, you can use a flavor blender to spray some seasoning on the surface of it. The seasoning can be made in accordance with your need.

4caramel treat production line 5

Forming and cutting machine

The forming and cutting machine bears two pressing rollers and three cooling fans, and the former is to press the raw material into flat shape and the latter is to cool the caramel. The final caramel is uniform in shape and the same in size.

Caramel treat 3

The structure of cutting and forming machine

Caramel treat 1

1. Conveyor belt to the packaging machine
2. Cross-cutting blade
3. Slitting blade, pressing roller
4. Cooling fan
5. Main control panel
6.Primary pressing roller
7. Ingredient spreading machine
8.Feeding hopper
9.Secondary pressing roller

Caramel treat 5 1

  1. Mainframe speed display
  2. Production count
  3. clear production
  4. Time and date display
  5. Mainframe parameter settings
  6. Conveyor belt frequency display (0-50)
  7. Mainframe start button
  8. Mainframeclose button
  9. Dynamic display
  10. Left cut length (0-999)
  11. Right cut length (0-999)
  12. Cooling fan stop button


Caramel treats packaging machine

Packing machine is the final step for every food pressing line, and it can pack the caramel treats into small bags.

Caramel treat 4

How to get caramel treats?

1. Place the puffed and stirred rice, wheat, peanuts, nuts, and other materials to the main machine feed hopper through the feeding machine.

2. The two pressing rollers flatten the raw material automatically.

3. Then they are conveyed by the conveyor belt to the automatic cutting parts in order that cross-cutting and slitting according to the set requirements.

4. In this process, the cooling fan cools it, and then the cut material is sent to the packaging machine through the conveyor belt for automatic packaging.

Technical parameter of caramel treats production line

Model TZ-SCX01
Power 380V/50HZ 3kw
Dimension 6000*1300*1200mm
Weight 1050kg
Capacity 150-300kg/h
The weight of output 5g-300g

Advantage of shaqima processing machine

  1. The main control circuit adopts an imported single-chip microcomputer, man-machine interface, and frequency conversion control. It is convenient and fast to set parameters.
  2. The operation is centralized and intuitive, fully realizing humanized automatic control.
  3. The high-sensitivity electronic eye can track automatically and the feedback information is accurate, so the error is small.
  4. Stable operation, automatic shaping, automatic conveying material, and cutting.
  5. Simple operation and low labor intensity.
  6. Continuous production and output is extremely high.
  7. The mechanical transmission system is compact and reasonable in layout.
  8. The circuit is clear, and it is easy to understand and operate.

Malfunction and related solution of shaqima processing machine

Malfunction Reason Solution
The control panel does not light after power on. The power is not connected. Check and collect the power.
The caramel treats can not be fully cut. The gap between the blade and the conveyor belt is too large. Adjust the blade height.


Uneven thickness of the final caramel treats. The gap of pressing roller is not proportional proportionally adjust the gap of them

How to install caramel treats production line?

A.installation conditions

1. The caramel treats production line should be installed indoors to avoid direct sunlight.

2. The ground should be paved with cement floor, and there should be a flushing water source and a drainage sewer.

3. The shaqima processing machine is well ventilated, being equipped with an air compressor, and the pressure ranges from 0.2Mpa—0.8Mpa.

4.shaqima processing machine should have the necessary lighting facilities and a 380V power supply.

B. Installation precautions

1. The installation location shall generally be selected from the place near the tap water source.

2. When installing, please pay attention to leave a certain space for easy maintenance.

3. For parts that have been installed at the factory, re-check after unpacking and tighten for loose parts.