50 sets boba maker machine? Celebrate birthday for customer?

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“Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you,” we sang birthday song for our customer from Nigeria who bought 50 sets boba maker. We ordered a birthday cake for this customer once we knew his birthday was coming. Really, it was a big surprise for him, for the cake was bought secretly. He felt very happy because it was the first time to celebrate birthday at abroad. Touched by our warmth, he felt like at his own home. As we all know, due to the time difference, different dietary habit and culture, it is not an easy thing to stay at a foreign country. So we treat every customer as a member of family, and never let them down.

Group photo
Group Photo

Which machine does this customer buy?

This customer is a dealer in the local market, and he imported the machine to sell them to individuals in Nigeria. To ensure the quality, he come to China with his partner, checking 50 sets boba maker machine in our factory and conducting the test to see whether the final effect is good.

It is the corner of our factory, and he checked everything even the small size spare parts carefully, and he is a conscientious person that always sells the machine with high quality. Of course, we have been involved in manufacturing boba maker for many years, so we are confident about the quality and working efficiency about them, and welcome all the customers to visit our factory.

Visiting factory
Visiting Factory

Today they have gone back to Nigeria and took potato with our boss before leaving. They are willing to build long-time cooperation with us!

Take photo for long time cooperation
Take Photo For Long Time Cooperation

If you want to start a business but you do not have an idea how to do, boba maker is a good choice for you. Why? Let me tell you answer now. You just invest little time and energy but to gain high profits. What’s more, it is very common to see the milk tea shops at the street, and a growing number of young people including kids like to drink. In addition, boba maker can produce different colors of tapioca pearls with different tastes, which can attract people’s attention. Most important, this boba making machine is made of stainless steel that enables it to bear long service life.

Never hesitate to send us an inquiry to know more information about this boba making machine, and we promise to provide you the best service as well as high-quality machines.