Deep-fried Dough Sticks Frying Machine Exported to Korea

Deep-fried dough stick frying machine for shipping to korea
deep-fried dough stick frying machine for shipping to Korea
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The continuous fryer can be used to fry all kinds of fried foods, such as sesame, doughnuts, potato chips, etc. A Korean customer ordered two deep-fried dough stick frying machines from the Taizy factory consecutively. At present, this electric heating type of frying equipment is very popular in the market. Taizy’s fryers have been exported to the USA, France, Canada, Brazil, Malaysia, Thailand, Spain, and Ghana.

Fried dough sticks production
fried dough sticks production

Why did the Korean customer order two fryers?

The Korean customer runs a small local food store that sells a variety of fried foods and fast food. In April of this year, the Korean customer asked us for a fryer machine. He wanted to purchase a continuous fryer to process deep-fried dough sticks, but because the Korean customer’s food store was too small to accommodate a large fryer, he purchased a small frying machine from us finally.

The Korean customer installed the product immediately after receiving it at the end of April. The deep-fried dough sticks frying machine is electrically heated and has a length of 2 m and a mesh belt width of 400 mm. After using the frying machine for one month, the Korean customer was so satisfied with the results of our frying machine that he ordered another one of the same sizes.

The customer also put forward some customized requirements to us based on their own experience and the location of their factory, such as, supporting the heating tube inside the fryer machine to facilitate even heating; setting up an inclined slagging plate at the bottom of the fryer; open a large opening in the mesh belt support (convenient to reach in and clean), etc.

Parameters of the Korea order of deep-fried dough sticks frying machine

ItemParameters QTY
 fryer machine
Deep frying machine       
Model: SL-2
Dimension: 2000*800*1300mm
Weight: 300kg
Belt width: 400mm
Power: 30kw+1.1kw
Heating type: Electric
Customized as customer requirement:
1. wing as long as possible and fixed screw in both end sides
2. heating wire does not touch the bottom floor, have support.
3. bottom floor has a slope
4. opening a big hole(arm can fit in ) in the conveyor part
5. the motor is all covered.