Automatic egg grading machine | egg sorting machine

Automatic egg grading sorting machine
automatic egg grading sorting machine
The automatic egg grading machine sorts eggs according to different weights. It can grade chicken egg, duck egg, duck eggs, goose eggs, etc.

The automatic egg grading machine is also called egg sorting equipment, it adopts the egg weight to realize automatic sorting. According to different grading requirements, the egg grader machine can divide the eggs into 5 and 7 levels. The grading interval is customized according to customer needs. The automatic egg sorting machine has stainless steel and carbon, steel models. It has the functions of automatic transportation, candling, and grading. The supporting facilities include an egg washing machine, egg suction device, egg printer, and so on. Our machine widely applies for sorting chicken eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, preserved eggs, etc.

Introduction of the egg grading machine

Commercial egg grader machine
Commercial Egg Grader Machine

The egg grading machine is a weighing-type egg grader. The grading machine automatically sends the eggs to different collection boxes for grading according to the weight of the eggs. At present, there are two main types of egg graders developed by Taizy.

TZ-4000 small egg grading machine

Tz-4000 small egg sorting machine
Tz-4000 Small Egg Sorting Machine
FunctionEgg grading&candling

TZ-5400 automatic egg grader machine

Tz-5400 automatic egg sorting machine
Tz-5400 Automatic Egg Sorting Machine
FunctionEgg grading&candling

Note: The above two types of egg sorting machines have carbon steel and stainless steel models.

Optical inspection device of egg grading machine
Optical Inspection Device Of Egg Grading Machine

How to grade eggs with the egg sorting machine?

1. Put the eggs manually: Put the eggs on the conveyor belt manually. You can put the eggs one by one, or use an egg sucker to quickly load the eggs.

2. Candling: The candling device is equipped in the middle of the conveyor belt. The light inspection device irradiates the eggs, so it can pick out unqualified eggs such as cracks, yellowing, and deformities.

3. Grading: The eggs enter the grading area through the conveyor belt. The grading area uses a mechanical weighing system to grade eggs of different weights.

4. Collecting eggs: The graded eggs are dropped on the grading board, and the eggs of different grades are collected manually.

How to grade eggs
How To Grade Eggs

Features of the machine

  • Available in carbon steel and stainless steel materials.
  • Egg sorting machine is widely used in sorting fresh eggs, duck eggs, salted eggs, goose eggs, preserved eggs, etc.
  • It adopts a cam gear structure and chain transmission so that the eggs are weighed in sequence and not damaged.
  • It can equip with egg cleaning machines, egg printers, and other egg processing machines to form an egg production line.
  • Equipped with light inspection device to detect the quality of eggs through light inspection
  • Using knife-type conveying, lever weighing principle, accurate weighing, and convenient adjustment;
Egg grading machine for sale
Egg Grading Machine For Sale

Operation video of our equipment

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