5400pcs/h Egg Sorting Machine Sold to Ghana: Enhancing Efficiency in Egg Distribution

Egg sorting machine for ghana
egg sorting machine for Ghana
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Revolutionizing egg distribution in Ghana, Taizy’s efficient egg sorting machine empowered a local wholesaler to handle large volumes with precision. The client, a wholesale distributor, benefited from the machine’s high throughput of 5400 eggs per hour and multilevel sorting, meeting diverse market demands. Taizy’s egg sorting machine proved to be a good helper for the Ghanaian wholesale egg distributor, showcasing the importance of tailored solutions in meeting the unique needs of clients in the egg distribution industry.

Egg grader machine of taizy
egg grader machine of Taizy

Understanding the Client’s Needs

In the bustling egg distribution market of Ghana, a local wholesale egg merchant faced the challenge of efficiently handling large volumes of eggs from various farms. Seeking a solution, they reached out to Taizy, the leading supplier of egg processing equipment.

The Ghanaian client, a wholesale distributor, acquires substantial quantities of eggs at competitive prices from local farms. To optimize their operations, they required a reliable and rapid egg sorting machine to categorize eggs based on size.

Tailored Recommendations for Egg Sorting Machines

After a detailed consultation, considering factors such as the client’s monthly egg procurement, budget constraints, and shipping costs, Taizy recommended two models capable of handling 7200 and 5400 eggs per hour. The client, mindful of their budget and shipping logistics, opted for the 5400 eggs per hour model.

Egg sorter parameters for Ghana

Capacity: 5400pcs/h
Power: 200w
Grade: 5 levels
Voltage: 220v, 50hz, single phase
Size: 1900*1600*1000mm

Key Features of Taizy’s Egg Sorting Machine

  • High throughput: The machine efficiently processes many eggs per hour, ensuring swift sorting and packaging.
  • Multilevel sorting: With the capability to classify eggs into 3-7 different sizes, the machine caters to diverse market demands.
  • Optional embryo egg detection: To guarantee egg quality, Taizy suggested integrating an embryo egg detection device, allowing the identification and removal of eggs with embryos.
Optical inspection device
optical inspection device

Results and Client Satisfaction

Upon implementation, the egg sorting machine significantly improved the client’s operational efficiency. The streamlined sorting process enabled them to supply supermarkets, restaurants, and food processing plants with accurately graded eggs, meeting the specific demands of each market segment.

Client Testimonial for Taizy’s Egg Grading Machine

“The egg sorting machine from Taizy has transformed our operations. Its speed and accuracy in grading eggs have not only saved us time but also enhanced the overall quality of our egg distribution. Taizy’s professional guidance and customized solutions were instrumental in making the right choice for our business. We highly recommend Taizy for their top-notch equipment and excellent service.”

Egg sorting machine delivery
egg sorting machine delivery