Egg washing machine for cleaning chicken & duck eggs

Industrial egg washing machine
industrial egg washing machine
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The automatic egg washing machine is suitable for cleaning eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, quail eggs, etc. The egg washer machine has a variety of models, single-row, three-row, six-row, and other types of machines to meet different customers’ needs. The commercial egg cleaning machine adopts stainless steel to ensure the hygienic quality of eggs during the cleaning process. Moreover, the fully automatic egg washing equipment also has the characteristics of cleaning thoroughly, fast cleaning speed, and no damage to the eggs. This machine can also equip with an egg beater, egg yolk, and egg liquid separator, and other machines.

Test video for washing eggs

Why use an egg washing machine to clean eggs?

Commercial egg cleaning machines mainly applied in baking factories, poultry farms, agricultural products processing plants, and other places. Poultry eggs are discharged from the reproductive organs of poultry. The discharged poultry eggs will carry chicken manure and other substances. These substances may contain pollutants harmful to the human body. Therefore, the poultry eggs need to be cleaned, disinfected, dried and packaged before being distributed to the market. After cleaning, the egg surface is hygienic, clean, and has a long shelf life. This greatly improves the quality and safety of fresh eggs.

Egg processing
Egg Processing

Industrial chicken/duck egg cleaning machine introduction

The industrial chicken egg washing machine has the functions of cleaning, conveying, brush cleaning, light inspection, and air drying. It can also add functions such as disinfection, oil spraying, and placing on the egg tray according to the needs of customers. According to the output, the industrial duck egg cleaning machine has single-row, double-row, three-row, and six-row models. Moreover, we can also customize the machine according to customer needs. The whole cleaning process adopts intelligent egg delivery to ensure the stability and safety of the eggs.

Industrial duck egg washing machine
Industrial Duck Egg Washing Machine

Small fresh egg washing machinery composition

The small egg washing equipment mainly composes of the water tank, conveying rack body, egg loading chain, cleaning brush, rack body, light inspection, and other devices.

Among them, the rollers for conveying the eggs adopts soft materials, which will not damage the eggs. The cleaning brush adopts curved wire with high wear resistance and elasticity. The brush can effectively and powerfully remove stains on the surface of eggshells. Non-destructive inspection is an essential part of egg processing. The egg light inspection uses a professional LED cold light source, which can detect cracked, yellow, and deformed eggs.

How does an egg washer work?

  • Pour the whole basket of eggs into the sink manually. The water in the sink initially cleans the eggs.
  • The conveying roller at the end of the sink conveys the eggs to the brush cleaning equipment. The eggs are fully scrubbed under the action of the hair roller, and the clean eggs are transported from the discharge end.
  • You can put a light inspection device at the end of the conveyor belt to pick out bad eggs. The cleaned eggs can be transported to air dryers, fuel injection machines, classifiers, and other machines for the next operation.
Chicken duck egg cleaning machine steps
Chicken Duck Egg Cleaning Machine Steps

Process flow of large egg washing line

The large-scale egg washing line also equips with air-drying sterilization, oil spraying, coding, and extension machines after cleaning to form an egg processing line.

Air dryer and sterilizer

The air-drying and sterilization machine is mainly suitable for drying eggs after washing. The machine mainly uses ultraviolet rays for sterilization, and its main purpose is to eliminate bacteria on the surface of eggshells. The machine adopts high-quality stainless steel and can be adjusted by frequency conversion.

Egg air drying machine
egg air drying machine

Egg spraying machine

The egg sprayer sprays food-grade white mineral oil on the surface of the eggs. The surface of the eggshell is stained with oil mist particles to form a protective film. It can reduce the water loss in the eggs and prevent the entry of external bacteria.

Egg spraying machine effect
egg spraying machine effect

Egg printer

The egg printer can print the date and manufacturer information on the surface of the egg.

Egg printer
egg printer

Egg grading machine

The egg grading machine is a kind of equipment for grading according to the weight of the egg. The device can transport eggs of different weights and sizes to different collection boxes.

Egg grading machine
egg grading machine