Why is the egg grading machine popular in Malaysia?

Egg grading machine is popular in malaysia
egg grading machine is popular in Malaysia
Taizy egg grading machines have been exported to Australia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and many other countries, of which Malaysia is the country that exports the most egg grading machine.
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The egg grading sorting machine is a machine that grades eggs by weight, which meets the needs of modern food safety and hygiene standards. Taizy egg grading machines have been exported to many countries and regions in the world. Such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, the United States, Australia, and other countries. However, among these countries that we have exported to, Malaysia is the country we export the most. Why is the egg grading machine so popular in Malaysia?

Bright future for the Malaysian layer industry

Malaysia egg industry

Malaysia is an egg self-sufficient country. It can not only supply domestic egg demand but also export a large number of eggs to neighboring countries every year. Most of these eggs and egg products are exported to Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, and other countries. Due to the ample supply of eggs in Malaysia, the domestic egg processing industry in Malaysia is also very rich. With the development of modern industry, the processing of eggs has gradually replaced manual labor with automatic machines, which greatly improves production efficiency.

The role of egg grader machine

Tz-4000 small egg sorting machine

A major part of egg processing is grading the eggs. The quality, weight, and appearance of eggs have become important factors affecting the price of eggs. Different weights and sizes of eggs have different prices. As a result, many egg handlers grade eggs before they are sold in order to get the corresponding price for different egg types. Egg grader is an automated electronic weighing and grading equipment. It classifies eggs into 5 or 7 grades depending on their weight. The weight range of each grade interval can be determined according to the customer’s egg weight and grading needs. This electronic weighing egg grader has a very fast grading efficiency and can grade up to 10,000PCS eggs per hour.

Why is the egg grading machine so popular in Malaysia?

High productivity

At present, there are three main types of egg graders provided by Taizy. We differentiate machines according to the output of the product. The minimum output of the machine can reach 4500PCS/h, and the maximum output can reach 10000PCS/H. Therefore, the machine can meet the needs of not only small egg processing plants but also large egg processing plants.

Accurate grading

The egg grading machine adopts a PLC control system, which can count the number of different grades. The weight range of each grading area can be adjusted through the PLC control screen, and the grading accuracy is high.

Wide range of applications

This electronic egg grader is widely applicable to all kinds of eggs, such as eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs, etc.

Large scale egg processing line

This egg grader can not only be used alone, but it can also form a large-scale assembly line with other egg processing machines. Large egg production lines are highly automated to meet the needs of large egg processing plants.

Whole set of egg processing machines
Whole Set Of Egg Processing Machines

Other related egg processing machines

Taizy provides a complete set of egg processing equipment, not only a single egg processing machine, but also a complete egg processing production line. The single egg processing equipment mainly includes an egg washing machine, grading machine, optical inspection machine, inkjet printer, and other machines. If you need egg processing equipment, please contact us.