Egg washing production line sold to Cambodia

Egg washing production line sold to cambodia
Egg washing production line sold to Cambodia
Today, we sold an egg washing production line to Cambodia.This egg processing line is mainly used for cleaning, air-drying, and inspection of fresh eggs.
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Today, Jason, a customer from Cambodia, paid us a deposit for the purchase of an entire egg washing production line. This egg processing line is mainly used for cleaning, air-drying, and inspection of fresh eggs.

Cambodia egg washing production line case

Jason sent us an inquiry for the egg washing and grading production line in September. After that, our business manager communicated with him the details of this production line. After more than two months of communication, the customer finally ordered a washing machine, air dryer, candling machine, and conveyor in early November. He wanted to use these egg processing machines to clean, classify, and pack eggs. Then sell these packaged eggs. However, due to budget, he only ordered a few of the above egg processing machines.

Egg washing grading machine
Egg Washing Grading Machine

Cambodian egg washing machine configuration

Egg washing production line
Cambodia egg washing production line
Size:6800*1600*1500 mm
Voltage:380V50hz three-phase
Material:304 stainless steel
Function: washing, drying,candling(free) and conveyor
1 set
Cambodian egg washing line configuration

The above-mentioned machines ordered by the customer include egg-loading tanks, cleaning, air-drying, light inspection, ultraviolet sterilization, oil injection (including pumps), egg collection platforms, and other devices.

And the above egg processing machines adopt food-grade 304 stainless steel, and the conveyor belt use PVC material.

According to the customer’s needs, we have customized an English control cabinet for him. After finishing the machine, we will test the machine for the customer. And shoot him a complete video of machine installation, wiring, and use.

Machines included in the egg washing processing line

The egg cleaning production line is a production line configured for cleaning eggs. The whole egg washing production line mainly includes a washing machine, conveyor belt, brush washing, light inspection device, and air dryer.

Egg washing machine washing tank

The egg washing machine is mainly used for the preliminary cleaning of eggs. It is a basin with a conveyor belt.

The rollers on the conveyor belt adopt soft material that does not harm the eggs.


Brush cleaning is the second thorough cleaning of eggs. The brush of the device surrounds the eggs, and when the conveyor belt transports the eggs through the brush belt, the brush cleans the eggs.

After cleaning by the brush, the conveyor belt transports the eggs to the light inspection device for light inspection of the eggs. The light inspection device can detect whether the egg has cracks, yellowing, or deformation.

Egg light inspection
Egg drying system

Finally, the air dryer blows off the water stains on the surface of the eggs. The blow-dried eggs can be packaged immediately or after being graded using an egg sorting machine.

Taizy Food Machinery provides a complete set of egg processing machinery. If you need an egg processing machine, please contact us.