Why do eggs need to be coded with an egg coder machine?

Egg printing
egg printing
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In order to enhance brand awareness and let consumers quickly understand the freshness of eggs, more and more egg companies choose to use egg coder machines to print production dates, patterns, and QR codes on eggs for sale. Let each egg have an identity. Mark the production date, brand, manufacturer, specification, category, and other information of eggs to strengthen consumers’ brand awareness and trust.

Coded eggs with egg printer
coded eggs with egg printer

The importance of egg coding

The demand for coding technology in the egg industry has been developing continuously over the years, especially food safety issues have always been the focus of attention of people and governments around the world.

Governments around the world are increasingly enforcing new food regulations. This is to ensure that systematic food safety traceability can be provided throughout the food supply chain, especially in the case of contaminated production dates, expiration dates, and batches. Clear, safe, and stable coding rules are conducive to improving food retail efficiency, improving product traceability, and ensuring food safety for consumers.

Various egg coding
various egg coding

Of course, there are requirements for directly printing codes on fragile eggshells. Each egg is different in shape and size, increasing the risk of image distortion and blur. Also, each code must be readable and not fall off. Multiple eggs must be accurately encoded simultaneously without breaking the shell.

How should the egg coder machine adapt to eggs of different sizes?

It is understood that egg printer manufacturers have set up movable nozzles to adapt to egg trays of different sizes. The height of the spray head can be adjusted by itself, which can flexibly deal with eggs of different sizes.

In addition, the egg coder machine is also equipped with a straightening device, which can automatically straighten the egg tray and reduce printing skew. The equipped egg conveyor belt relies on the tension adjustment mechanism to keep the egg tray running on a specific track during inkjet transportation.

Commercial egg coder machine for sale
commercial egg coder machine for sale

The egg coder is also equipped with a sensor, which can automatically stop when more than 6 egg trays that have been printed have not been taken away.

In addition, in order to ensure that the eggs are uniform in size before coding, many egg factories will first use automatic egg graders to grade and weigh a large number of eggs.