How to choose a good egg grader machine?

Commercial egg grading machine supplier
Commercial egg grading machine supplier
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Egg grading is an essential part of egg processing. The graded eggs are more uniform in size, and the quality of the processed eggs is more guaranteed. So how do you choose the right egg grader machine for your egg processing plant?

What are the grading specifications of commercial egg grader machines?

Commercial egg graders have different configurations and functions due to different application requirements. And different types of egg graders have different processing capabilities. The egg grading machine in the Taizy factory currently has two types of mechanical egg grading equipment, 4000 pieces/hour and 5400 pieces/hour.

Taizy egg grader machine for sale
Taizy egg grader machine for sale

In addition, we also have electronic egg graders with 10,000 pieces/hour, 15,000 pieces/hour, 20,000 pieces/hour, 25,000 pieces/hour, 30,000 pieces/hour, and 50,000 pieces/hour. Moreover, the egg grader machine with a large output of 60,000 pieces per hour is also being developed and designed. The egg grading equipment with so many different outputs in our factory can basically satisfy most egg processing plants.

How to choose a suitable egg grader machine for your egg processing plants?

If you are just a small egg processing workshop and the processing volume is relatively small, then we recommend you buy an egg grader with 4000 pieces/hour. This small egg grader machine uses two tracks to transport eggs and can classify eggs into 7 grades. The classifier has the function of incandescent light inspection. Eggs, duck eggs, preserved eggs, and hatching eggs can all be processed with this equipment. The performance of the automatic egg grading machine is stable, almost no eggs are damaged, the grading accuracy is ±0.5g, and the error is very small.

Egg grading plant in the philippines
egg grading plant in the Philippines

If you feel that the output of this egg grader is too small, then we recommend you choose a grader with 5400 pieces/hour. The price-performance ratio of this classifier is very high, and the purchase rate of customers is also very high. Our factory has exported about 3,500 units to the Philippines, Malaysia, South Africa, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, the United States, Canada, and other countries. Both this machine and the former grader use a mechanical lever principle to adjust copper weights to automatically weigh eggs. The equipment is small in size, simple in operation, and high in work efficiency, which is very suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized egg processing workshops and farms.

If you want to use automatic egg grading equipment, we recommend you buy an electronic egg grading machine with 10,000 pieces/hour (or larger output). This electronic classifier is controlled by PLC and can be automatically electronically induced to weigh. This grader is more automated and suitable for large farms and egg processing plants!