The commercial egg grading machine sold to the Philippines

Egg grading machine sold to philippines
egg grading machine sold to Philippines
We exported an egg grading machine to the Philippines. It can process 5400 eggs per hour, and can grade eggs, duck eggs and other egg products.
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The egg grading machine has the functions of conveying, light inspection, grading, and coding. The emergence of egg classifiers has greatly improved the efficiency of egg processing in processing plants. Commercial egg grading machine can process 4000-5400 eggs in one hour, it can divide into 5 grades, 7 grades, and other grades. Egg graders are popular in Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan, and other regions. Recently, we also exported a 5400PCS/H egg grading machine to the Philippines.

The necessity of an egg grader

When buying eggs in the supermarket, we usually cashback different grades such as grade A, Grade AA, and Grade B on the packaging box. These levels are a quality grading standard specially formulated for eggs by the United States Department of Agriculture. These levels are distinguished according to the eggshell, yolk, and white of the egg.

Different grade eggs
Different Grade Eggs

In the egg processing plant, in the face of large quantities of eggs, manual selection is bound to slow down the speed greatly. Therefore, the industrialized egg grading machine came into being. The emergence of industrial egg grading machines has greatly improved the efficiency and quality of egg grading. It saves a lot of manpower and material resources for the egg processing industry.

Egg processing plant
Egg Processing Plant

Philippines egg grading machine order details

Jay, a client from the Philippines, runs a chicken farm. In order to facilitate the handling of these eggs, he plans to purchase a commercial egg grading machine to classify the eggs, pack them and sell them. After learning the details of the egg grading machine in detail, he bought an egg grading machine. In order to facilitate the future expansion of production output, he decided to purchase a 5400 egg classifier with a larger processing capacity. The machine can divide eggs into 5 grades, and the weight range of each grade can be set automatically on the control panel. In addition, the commercial egg grading machine also has another model that can process 4000 eggs per hour, which can divide eggs into 7 grades.

Why do Philippine customers order Taizy’s egg grading machine

With multiple functions

This Philippine egg grading machine has many uses. It has the functions of automatic conveying, light inspection, and grading. And the machine also can match with egg suckers, egg printers, and other machines.

Wide range of applications

Automatic egg grading sorting machine
Automatic Egg Grading Sorting Machine

A commercial egg grading machine is not only suitable for grading eggs, it can also apply for grading duck eggs, quail eggs, and other eggs. The machine has two models, which can grade 5 and 7 eggs. The production of egg grading can reach 5400 eggs per hour.

Can form an egg production line

Commercial egg grading machines can not only be used alone, they also can match with other egg processing machines to form an egg processing production line. For example, egg washing machines, egg tray machines, egg printers, and other machines.

We provide a complete set of egg processing equipment, if you need it, please contact us.