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Fried dough twist machine is to make dough twist, it can be divided into the single twisting machine, three hydraulic twisting machines, six hydraulic twisting machines. It also can match with a frying machine, after frying, fried dough twist tastes delicious, and it widely applies to the bakery, restaurant, leisure food factory, snack shop, etc.

Working steps of fried dough twist machine

  1. Prepare the dough before operation, and add proper oil to the machine.
  2. Place the dough into the machine, under the force of static pressure pusher, the mold rotates through automatically, and the twist follows the mold to rotate at the same time.
  3. Then the cutting device cuts the twist into the same length automatically.
  4. You can put a container on the back of a fried dough twist machine to collect the output after being transported by the conveyor belt.

Technical parameter of single twisting machine


Technical parameter of hydraulic three twisting machine


Technical parameter of hydraulic six twisting machine


Advantage of fried dough twist machine

1.elasticity and length are adjustable.

  1. Thickness can be controlled by the molded.
  2. The fried dough twist won’t loosen.
  3. Dough cylinder has the function of heating.
  4. The speed of the machine is adjustable.
  5. Fried dough twist machine can spray the cooking oil automatically.
  6. It is made of stainless steel with long service life.
  7. The fried dough twist taste delicious, so this machine has huge commercial benefit.
  8. we have single, three, and six twisting dough twist machine, and you can choose one on the base of your need.
  9. The twisting machine can make dough twist with different colors and flavors.
  10. Automatic transmission and cutting can greatly save time and energy.
  11. Compared with manual twisting, the dough twist processed by twisting machine is more delicious.

The successful case of fried dough twist machine

At the end of July, one customer from Malaysia sent an inquiry to us, and he wanted to buy three twisting machine. He has a food processing factory, and he sold dough twist wholesale. After knowing about his need, we suggested him buy one fried dough twist machine and one frying machine. He paid the deposit at the beginning of August. Now, we have already packed machine well and delivered it for him. We hope can build long-time partnership with him as well.

The steps of open the fried dough twist machine

  1. Stop
  2. Start
  3. Inverter(①run②top③adjust the rotation button
  4. Hydraulic (turn on the hydraulic pump)
  5. Up/down(hydraulic cylinder lifting and falling)
  6. Conveyor(turn on the conveyor switch)
  7. Conveyor Speed(Adjust the conveyor speed)
  8. Open the nozzle switch on the oil tank and spray the dough twist.
  9. Cutter(Connect the air pipe to make the cutter work)
  10. Length Adjustment (Adjust the length of the dough twist)

11.Cylinder(dough cylinder switch, it is usually not used)

12.Cylinder Temperature

The function of each parts of fried dough twist machine

  1. Inverter: control the tightness of the dough twist and the speed of three-ring gears.
  2. Doughcylinder switch: When the weather is cold, you shall open the dough cylinder in advance to heat it so that its temperature keeps consistent as the dough, for the twisting can be effected by the cold weather.
  3. Dough twist length: adjust the length of the twist.
  4. Hydraulic pump: squeeze the dough to the mold head.
  5. Conveyor speed: adjust the speed of the discharging dough twist, matching with the inverter.
  6. Cutter: cut off the dough twist
  7. Nozzle: Spray the dough twist

The preoccupation of fried dough twist machine

  1. Keep hydraulic pressure unchangeable, increase the speed of regulating motor, the dough twist is tight and thin, but the length is unchanged.

2. Keep the speed of regulating motor unchangeable, boost the hydraulic pressure, the dough twist will become loose, and the length is increased.

  1. Increase the hydraulic pressure, and the speed of regulating motor is increased, so the production efficiency is improved.
  2. In the production process, it is necessary to keep enough dough in the cylinder to fill the mold, and the thickness of each small strand of dough twist will be full and even with good look.
  3. Before starting the twisting machine, please check whether there are hard objects in the dough cylinder, and there must be no iron or other tools, otherwise the mold will be crushed.

The malfunction and related solution of fried dough twist machine

MalfunctionReasons and Solutions
Conveyor belt does not work1. Switch damage.

2. Speed control box damage.

3. Speed regulating motor damage

4. no power

Conveyor belt deviatesAdjusting handle
The dough twist sticks on the bladesLess oil or no oil, open the fuel valve
The thickness of dough twist is unevenThe mold is blocked
The cutter does not work1. No power

2. Cutter switch damage

3. Time relay damage

4. Solenoid valve damage

5. Low Air Pressure

The maintenance of fried dough twist

  1. Lubrication.add oil to each gear and chain once a week to check whether the hydraulic oil level is normal and whether the edible fuel tank has oil.
  2. After the operation, the mold, conveyor belt should be completely removed for next use.
  3. The chain will be stretched after a period of use, adjusting the tightness of the chain according to the specific circumstances.

FAQ of fried dough twist machine

  1. How many twisting can a machine do?

It can make single, three and six twistings.

  1. Can I control the length of dough twist?

Yes, it can be adjusted.

  1. Is the dough twist easily loose?

No, under rotating with mold, they won’t be loose easily.

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