Frozen Meat Grinder Exported to Singapore Again

Commercial meat grinder for shipping to singapore
commercial meat grinder for shipping to Singapore
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The commercial frozen meat grinder can quickly squeeze all kinds of frozen meat and fresh meat without bones into a uniformly granulated meat filling. Many factories that deal with the processing of meat products choose to buy this meat grinder, so it is efficient and saves time and effort. Recently, the Taizy plant’s commercial frozen meat grinder was again exported to a sausage processing plant in Singapore.

Taizy frozen meat grinder machine for sale
Taizy frozen meat grinder machine for sale

Main applications of frozen meat grinder machine

The meat grinder relies on the screw to push the raw meat in the hopper box to the pre-cutting plate. By the rotating action of the screw, the relative movement of the reamer and the hole plate is made, thus cutting the raw meat into granular shapes with uniform particle size. There are many uses for the meat minced by the frozen meat grinder, such as processing sausages, meatballs, dumpling filling, wonton filling, burger patties, etc.

Meat grinding
meat grinding

Details of the frozen meat grinding machine order for Singapore

Taizy factory often exports all kinds of food processing machines to Southeast Asian countries, such as Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, etc. Among them, meat processing machines have been exported to Singapore many times in the past 5 years, so we are very familiar with the export process to Singapore.

The Singaporean customer was a one-time importer and was unfamiliar with the import process, so our factory introduced to him various details of the import process in detail. The customer had taken over a small sausage factory and was ready to start a sausage processing business. However, the original meat grinder in his factory was broken down and could not be used. So he decided to buy a new frozen meat grinder.

The Singaporean customer contacted us immediately after browsing our website and asked us about the price of a commercial meat grinder. Based on his processing needs, we recommended a meat grinder with an output of about 500kg/h.

Parameters of frozen meat grinder machine for Singapore

Meat grinder
Small meat grinding machine 
Model: TZ-100
Power: 5.5kw
Voltage: 380v 50hz 3 phase
Capacity: 500kg/h
Material:304 stainless steel
Used for:-18°C frozen meat
Knife/sieves material: alloy steel
Machine size: 900*600*960mm
1 set

Feedback video of meat grinder use from Singapore customer