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Egg breaking seperating machine
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The egg breaking machine is equipment that imitates the manual beating method to break eggshells. The egg beater can automatically separate the eggshell and the egg liquid. The separated egg white and egg yolk can be used to make biscuits, bread, moon cakes, and other products. According to the different output, Taizy food machinery manufacturer mainly provides three kinds of egg breakers, small type, chain-plate, and rotary egg breaking machine. The three kinds of egg breakers can be applied to the egg processing industry. The egg beater also can equip with an egg washing machine, and egg liquid separator to form a large production line.

Automatic egg breaking machine introduction

Automatic egg breaking machine
Automatic Egg Breaking Machine

In the production of all kinds of pastry, it is inseparable to use the eggs. For enterprises and factories that use a lot of eggs, it costs a lot of labor and energy to break the eggshell. And it also faces the situation of broken shells and unclean. The egg breaking machine imitates a manual egg beater, which can realize the continuous automatic operation of picking eggs, knocking eggs, breaking shells, separating, throwing shells, and separating. The automatic egg breaker greatly reduces labor intensity and improves production efficiency. At the same time, it also reduces the waste of raw materials caused by labor.

Commercial egg breaker application

The commercial egg breaker widely applies in the production of bread, biscuits, coconut rolls, moon cakes, ham sausage, meatballs, and other products. As long as the produced food contains eggs, you can use the egg breaker to process eggs. The egg breaker is widely used in western restaurants, beverage shops, food factories, etc. that produce all kinds of noodles.

Commercial egg breaker application
Commercial Egg Breaker Application

Type 1: Small egg breaking and separating machine

Small egg breaking and separating machine
Small Egg Breaking And Separating Machine

The small egg breaking and separating machine uses the centrifugal principle to knock the eggshells apart. And then it will automatically separate the eggshell and egg liquid. The machine is simple to operate and only needs to put the eggs into the feeding port to realize automatic operation. The egg breaking and separating machine contains a vibrating screen, which can automatically filter small particles in the egg liquid. Therefore, it can obtain pure egg liquid by using this small egg beater. Moreover, this equipment can process a large output of eggs, about 4000pcs per hour. The equipment is small in size, does not require a large workshop, and the infrastructure investment is small.

Type 2: Chain-plate egg breaking machine

Chain-plate egg breaking machine
Chain-Plate Egg Breaking Machine

A chain plate-type egg breaking machine is equipment that puts the eggs in the chainplate groove separately, transfers them through the conveyor belt, and breaks the eggs. The egg breaker has single-row, double-row, three-row, and multi-row models by setting the number of slots for placing eggs in each row. The chainplate equipment has the function of adjusting the speed of the conveyor belt to increase the output.

Type 3: Rotary egg breaking machine

Rotary egg breaking machine
Rotary Egg Breaking Machine

The rotary egg-breaking machine clamps the eggs through the equipment’s mechanical arm. Then the eggshell is broken by metal collision. After breaking eggshells, the mechanical arm opens the eggshell, and the egg liquid flows onto the tray for unified collection. The eggshell is transported to the other end by a robotic arm. After breaking, the eggshell stays on the egg liquid collection tray for at least 5 seconds to ensure that the egg liquid in the eggshell enters the collection tray. The outflow rate of egg liquid using this turntable egg beater is about 85%. The success rate of robotic arm catching eggs is not less than 99%.

Technical parameters of industrial automatic egg breaking machine


Number of robotic arms: 24

Power: 400w

Size: 3000*1400*1450mm

Commercial egg breaking machine
Commercial Egg Breaking Machine


  1. The whole rotary egg-breaking machinery adopts food grade 304 stainless steel. It has the characteristics of stable performance and easy operation.
  2. The machine greatly improves work efficiency and reduces the production cost of the enterprise.
  3. The special method of knocking eggs is adopted, which has high production efficiency and reduced loss rate.
  4. This automatic egg beater has the function of automatically separating egg yolk and egg white.
  5. The big machine has low noise, a high egg liquid extraction rate, and large processing output. The circular egg breaker is widely used in restaurants, food processing plants, dessert manufacturers, etc.
Egg beater
Egg Beater