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Mung beans molding machine / cake making machine / shaping machine

Green bean cake machine is used to make mung bean cake, peanut cake, Vietnamese mung bean cake, and all powdery raw materials can be basically formed. It mainly composed of the hydraulic system, control system, molding system, and the frame body. It is divided into two types including semi-automatic hydraulic mung cake making machine and automatic hydraulic mung bean cake machine.

Type one: semi-automatic hydraulic mung bean cake machine

bean cake machine

Most operation is made manually, and two people are needed when working. One is to push the base and the first layer of cake, and the other is to push the fillings of cake. It is easy to operate, and the size of the cake and the mold can be customized.


Working steps of semi-automatic hydraulic mung bean cake machine

  1. Place the cake powder and filling into two different plates.
  2. Firstly, one pushes the cake powder forward, then presses the button.
  3. Secondly, the other pushes the fillings forward, and presses the button again.
  4. Thirdly, the first person pushes powder twice to make the cover of cake. Later, press the shaping button.
  5. Finally, the shaping plate automatically shape the cake for several seconds.

Type two: Automatic hydraulic mung bean cake machine

Automatic mung bean cake making machine is divided into two types. First is fully automatic feeding green bean cake machine (can make cake fillings), and second is fully automatic discharging green bean cake machine (automatic swinging plate). The whole process goes automatically compared with high speed, saving time and energy.

bean cake machine



Working steps of automatic hydraulic mung bean cake machine

  1. Firstly, the plate pushes the powder into the middle of the tray.
  2. Secondly, the other plate does the same action again.
  3. The first plate pushes the powder again to cover the surface of the cake.
  4. Finally, the shaping plate molds the cake.

bean cake machine

The advantage of cake making the machine

1. The pressure is adjustable.

2. The machine can make the cake with filling.

3.  It is easy to operate.

4. Molding time is very short, and you can get shaped cake just within several seconds.

5. The thickness of cake is adjustable.

6. The size of mold and shape can be customized.

7. patterns on the cake can be customized, and we also can design logo for you.

8. It is easy to replace the mold.

9. The cake made by this shaping machineis delicious, and is favored by customers.

10. There is no much powder on the surface of cake, which means the shaping effect is very good.

FAQ of cake making machine

  1. what’s the difference between two types of the machine?

Semi-automatic shaping machine needs two people to operate, but the automatic shaping machine can finish all the processes automatically. If you want to buy a cake shaping machine with less cost, it is better to buy the type one.

  1. What is the raw material of machine?

This machine can make all powdery raw materials.

  1. Can i customize the mold of cake?

Yes, of course, we can produce the mold you like.

  1. Is the size of cake adjustable?

Yes, it is adjustable.


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