Electric potato peeler machine | potato slicer | how to peel potatoes?

Potato peeling 1
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The potato peeler is used to peel the skin of a potato and cut it into a threadlike shape that can be used for the potato chip production line or daily life. Raw materials can be potato, sweet potato, and purple sweet potato.

Potato peeler
Potato Peeler

Working steps of potato peeler

  1. Soak potatoes for a while and clean the soil on the surface.
  2. Turn on the power and start the switch. The rotation direction of the dial in the drum is as same as the direction of the arrow on the drum cover. Otherwise, any two phases of the three-phase power can be exchanged and reconnected.
  3. The water inlet is connected to the tap water, and the sewage discharge can be connected to the hose according to the situation, or the container or the direct sewer pipe can be placed.
  4. Place the potatoes into the machine before working.
  5. Open the water inlet switch to make it flow into the drum, and adjust the water discharge amount appropriately.
  6. The potato peeler works for about 2 minutes. Turn off the power switch and the water inlet switch to see the peeling effect of the potatoes. If the potato skin has been fully removed, the shutter can be lifted, and the potatoes will be automatically discharged for cutting.

Put a small number of potatoes to test the slicing thickness( actually all are adjusted before leaving the factory, generally do not need to adjust)

  • If the cutting effect doesn’t meet the requirements, the operator shall open the discharge channel and adjust the two M6 compression nuts at the front of the large blade, moving it inward or outward. The thickness will be increased by moving it inward.
Potato processing equipment
Potato Processing Equipment

The preoccupation of potato peeler

  1.  After use, clean the waste and dirt with a damp cloth and apply a layer of cooking oil to the blade.
  2. During operation, if an abnormal situation occurs, the power switch should be turned off quickly. After the fault is removed, you can restart it.
  3. Potato skin or soil will be accumulated at the bottom of the drum if you continuously wash off about 30 kg of potatoes. It is better to put out the tray and rinse it with water.
  4.  The drum should be clean before starting the electric potato peeler.
  5.  When the machine is working, it is strictly forbidden to put your hand into the drum.
  6.  Before cleaning and disassembling, firstly disconnect the power supply to stop the machine.
  7.  To ensure safety, the machine must be grounded.
  8. The bearing shall be replaced once every three months.
  9. Do not touch the switch with a wet hand.
Potato peeling in factory
Potato Peeling In Factory

Advantages of potato peeler

  1. This combined potato slicer machine can peel the potato and cut it into a threadlike shape at the same time, saving you time and cost because you don’t need to buy two machines.
  2. The peeling drum made of special material can fully peel the potato skin, but not damage the potato itself.
  3. All parts are made of stainless steel with corrosion resistance.
  4. After peeling, the loss rate of the potato is less than 2%.
  5. The blades are sharp with high service life and can cut potatoes with high efficiency.
Structure of potato slicer
Structure Of Potato Slicer
Structure of potato slicer


  1. What is the raw material of an automatic potato peeler?

Raw materials can be potato, sweet potato, and purple sweet potato.

  1. What is the loss rate of potatoes after peeling?

Less than 2%.

  1. Can I just peel the potato but not cut it into a threadlike shape?

Yes, of course.

  1. What are the vulnerable spare parts?

It is the blade inside the machine.

  1. When peeling, does the drum hurt the potato?

No, the inside of the drum is made of special material that won’t hurt the potato.